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Disability Resources for Study Abroad

It is possible to study abroad as a student with a visible or invisible disability. Although it is possible, it may require additional research and flexibility. In order to accommodate all students, please disclose your disability needs to a Global Learning Opportunities staff member early on. Just as cultures vary, so do disability accommodations and perceptions.

Things to Consider

  • Research as much as possible to find out about the resources available and the cultural perceptions of disabilities in your host country/city.
  • How does the chosen host country define disability?
  • What kind of accommodations will be available?

Transportation Needs

  • What is the airline’s accommodation capabilities?
  • What type of public transportation is available in the chosen host country?

Housing and Living Situation

  • What options are available through the program?
  • Are there accessible bathroom and shower facilities within any of the housing options?

Service Animals

  • Are there laws in the host country which support service animals?
  • Are there veterinary services available? Are they accessible?
  • What are the airline regulations for service animals to and from your host country?

Additional Medical and Counseling Services

  • Is there access to counseling services?
  • Is your medication legal in the host country?
  • What resources are available through your host university?

Disability Resources