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Student Visa Information

F-1 Visa Process

In most cases, international students study at Boise State University on an F-1 student visa. If you are on an official study abroad exchange between your university and Boise State University, or are on a specific J-1 program funded by the government, you will study on a J-1 exchange visitor visa. For more information on your visa process please visit our J-1 Exchange Visa Information page.

Important Information for Canadian Citizens

Canadian Flag flying in a bue clear sky

Canadian citizens do not require an F-1 visa, but still must have an I-20 to study in the United States. Upon entering the U.S., you will be required to show your valid passport, proof of financial resources to support your study, and SEVIS fee payment receipt. Please use the SEVIS ID number on your I-20 to pay your SEVIS fee online before you enter the United States. Since most Canadians crossing the border enter as visitors, it is important to tell the immigration officer that you are entering as a student.

If you enter the U.S. via land, the immigration office at your port of entry will give you an I-94 card to complete, and your portion will be returned to you. Keep this I-94 in a safe place as it confirms your F-1 status in the United States. If you enter the U.S. via air, you will have an electronic I-94. You will be able to print this document to show evidence of your student status in the U.S. In both cases, there is a small fee (currently $10) associated with receiving the I-94 document.

Even though you will not have an F-1 visa in their passport, you are still bound to follow all F-1 regulations, including those related to employment and full-time study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting Supporting Documents

Is there a deadline for submitting the Financial Documentation Form and supporting documents?

There is no specific deadline for submitting these documents. However, please allow 7 – 10 business days for issuance of your I-20 once your documents have been submitted.

Have my financial documents been received? Are they being processed?

One you submit your financial documents and any other necessary paperwork, you can check on their status in your “To-Do List” in your myBoiseState student center.

Can I submit financial documents before I am admitted to Boise State?

Yes. This is not required, but you may submit your financial documentation at any time after submitting your application for admission.

What counts as "liquid assets?"

Liquid assets are funds that are immediately available, without loss to their value. Some examples of liquid assets include: checking accounts, savings accounts, fixed deposits. We do not accept proof of income, real estate, or investment accounts such as stocks.

I-20 Questions

When will I receive my I-20?

Allow 1-2 weeks for processing the I-20 once your documents have been submitted. Boise State is currently issuing electronic I-20s. Upon issuance, your I-20 will be sent to your Boise State student email address, which you can access through

How will I receive my I-20?

We are currently issuing I-20s electronically. Once issued, your document will be sent to your Boise State student email address. You can access your student email account through

Visa Application and Visa Appointment

Will my visa be granted?

Unfortunately, Boise State cannot advise on this. We recommend that you contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your area for more information.

My passport is expiring soon. What should I do?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months in order for you to enter the U.S. You may be required to extend your passport.

What is the SEVIS school code for Boise State University?

The SEVIS school code for Boise State University is HEL214F00101000.