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Health insurance information

All international students registered for at least one credit will be automatically enrolled in a mandatory health insurance plan.

Coverage is year-round with summer included in the spring costs.  Costs for Fall 2023 is $712, and cost for Spring/Summer 2024 is $992. You can access your ID card and other information via the Aetna website.

Further details of the health insurance plan are in this health insurance informational flier.

  • Please note:  International students on specific sponsorship programs (KCO and SACM) must submit their current and valid financial guarantees or Financial Support Letters to no later than 10 days after each semester’s start date in order to be exempted from this mandatory plan.  If sponsorship verification is not received by that date, the student will be automatically enrolled in and charged for Boise State University’s health insurance plan.  We are unable to remove insurance fees after that date.

Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Review these frequently asked questions for more details about insurance.

Is insurance for international students mandatory?

Yes, this is a mandatory plan. All Boise State students are required to have health insurance. Domestic students are required to be insured, a requirement enforced by the federal government pursuant to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Because most students studying in the U.S. on F, J, Q and M visas have non-resident alien tax status, they are generally not required to comply with the ACA. In other words, all students are required to have health insurance; the difference is in how we are enforcing this.

I already have insurance, do I have to take this plan?

Yes, all international students, except sponsored students (those sponsored by KCO and SACM) will be enrolled in the plan.

Can I waive or appeal this coverage?

Waivers are not allowed for international students enrolled at Boise State and living in the U.S.

How do I use the plan?

You can access information about the plan, including downloading your ID card from the Aetna website.

I am a graduate assistant. How does this impact me?

The Graduate College has information on their website about health insurance information for students with graduate assistantships. If you have further questions about insurance for graduate assistants please contact the Graduate College.

Is there a Health Center on campus?

Yes, University Health Services is located on-campus on the 2nd floor of the Norco Building. You can find the exact location and hours, as well as the services provided, on the University Health Services website.