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Environment Classes and Experiences

Help forge a global movement to protect our planet. Volunteers lead grassroots efforts in their communities to protect the environment and strengthen understanding of environmental issues. They teach environmental awareness in elementary and secondary schools and to youth groups and community organizations, empowering communities to make their own decisions about how to protect and conserve the local environment. Volunteers also address environmental degradation by promoting sustainable use of natural resources.

If you choose Environment, take three courses from one of the following areas:

  • Environmental Science or related field
  • Biology, Botany, or Ecology
  • Geology

Recommended courses:

  • SOC440- Environmental Sociology
  • EOHS332- Drinking Water and Wastewater Management
  • GEOG321- Sustainability in the Anthropocene
  • ENVSTD450- Policy for the Environment
  • ENVSTD430- Environmental Justice

And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as:

Boise State Opportunities

● Consider joining a relevant student club or chapter that participates in community service/outreach relevant to the Environment sector

Community Opportunities

  • Educating the public on environmental or conservation issues, or working on environmental campaigns
  • Volunteer with Boise Environmental Education program, check out this partner and others through Engage.
  • Conduct biological surveys of plants or animals, participate in field research
    Gardening, farming, nursery management, organic or low-input vegetable production, or landscaping
  • Providing technical assistance and training in natural resource management