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Service-Learning Course Offerings

Service Learning, International Rescue Committee, Photo Patrick Sweeney

Find classes by searching for college, instructor, or course (updated 5/3/2024).

Note: times and dates of classes may have changed; consult Broncoweb or the Student Center.

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Fall 2024 SL Classes

CollegeClassSectionClass NameMeeting Time/DaysCourse FormatPrimary
COASART4202Applied Projects Graphic Design3:00-5:30pm MoWeIn PersonEryn Pierce
COASBAS 4954101, 4201Capstone Project---OnlineMargaret Sass
COASBMOL 6031Biophys Instrumentation & Techniques12:00-1:15pm MoWeIn PersonLaxman Mainali
COASCOID 4821UAS Flight Plan and Operation12:00-2:45pm FrIn PersonMegan Cattau
COASCOID 5821UAS Flight Plan and Operation12:00 pm-2:45pm FrIn PersonMegan Cattau
COASCOMM 3511Intercultural Communication3:00-4:15pm TuThIn PersonTherese Woozley
COENCS 5391Social Media Mining12:00-1:15pm TuThIn PersonFrancesca Spezzano
COEDED-CIFS 5791-4Educ Leadership Clinical ExperTBDIn PersonRobin Winslow
COEDED-LLC 3431Reading Diagnosis & Intervent3:00-4:15pm TuThRemoteAngie DeGraw
COEDED-LLC 3432Reading Diagnosis & Intervent3:00-4:15pm TuThRemoteJenna Colson
COEDEDUC 6511Evaluation7:30-10:15pm ThHybridCarl Siebert
COEDED-ESP 2502Exceptionality in the Schools12:00-1:15pm TuThIn PersonKathleen Conley
COASENGL 10127Writing and Rhetoric I9:00-10:15am TuHybridElizabeth Barnes
COASENGL 10128Writing and Rhetoric I12:00-1:15pm TuHybridElizabeth Barnes
COASENGL 10129Writing and Rhetoric I1:30-2:45pm TuHybridElizabeth Barnes
SPSENVSTD 1212Intro to the Environment9:00-10:15am TuThIn PersonMari Rice
SPSENVSTD 1213Intro to the Environment10:30-11:45am TuThIn PersonMari Rice
SPSENVSTD 3001Management and Analysis9:00-11:45am MoIn PersonMari Rice
COASGENDER 3807Sociology of the Family3:00-4:15pm TuThIn PersonDesiree Brunette
COASIPS 4954101, 4201Capstone Project---OnlineMargaret Sass
COBEITM 4301Predictive Analytics3:00-4:15pm MoWeIn PersonChristie Fuller
COBEITM 5301Predictive Analytics3:00-4:15pm MoWeIn PersonChristie Fuller
COASLING 3271Applied Linguistics1:30-2:45pm MoHybridCasey Iezzi
COBEMKTG 3151Marketing Insights3:00-4:15pm TuThIn PersonNiusha Jones
COBEMKTG 3152Marketing Insights4:30-5:45pm TuThIn PersonNiusha Jones
COASMUSIC 3721General Music Methods8:30-10:15am TuThHybridLori Gray
COBENONPROF 2404001Intro to Nonprofit Mgmt---OnlineMelinda Gauthier
COBENONPROF 3404001Volunteer Mgmt & the Nonprofit---OnlineKathleen McDonald
COBENONPROF 4404001Funding for Nonprofits---OnlineKathleen McDonald
COHSNURS 4171-9Community & Pop Health Nursing7:00 am-4:00pm MoIn PersonJeannine Suter
COHSNURS 4171-9Community & Pop Health Nursing7:00 am-7:00pm TuIn PersonJeannine Suter
COENOPWL 5374201, 4202Instructional Design---OnlineLisa Giacumo
COASPR 3011PR Campaign Strategies1:30-2:45pm MoWeIn PersonChristine Moore
SPSPUBADM 5141Intro Nonprofit Mgmt & Collab6:00-8:45pm TuIn PersonJaime Hansen
SPSPUBADM 6921Capstone Course6:00-8:45pm WeIn PersonBenjamin Larsen
COBESCM 4352Project Management10:30-11:45am TuThIn PersonDaniel Rush
COASSOC 3401Sociology of the Family3:00-4:15pm TuThIn PersonDesiree Brunette
COHSSOCWRK 2011Foundations of Social Work4:30-7:15pm ThIn PersonValerie Haddon
COHSSOCWRK 2013Foundations of Social Work9:00-10:15am TuThIn PersonLori Watsen
COASUF 20038EthDiv & Tough Choices12:00-1:15pm MoWeIn PersonCarissa Wolf
COASUF 2004016EthDiv & Free Speech---OnlineCarissa Wolf
COASUX 4694101-4103User Research Capstone---OnlineKendall House
COASUX-PRO 4694301-4303User Research Capstone---OnlineKendall House
SPSVIP 200, 400, 50027Housing Opportunities for All9:00-10:15am WeHybridKrista Paulsen & Vanessa Fry
COASVIP 200, 400, 50040Building Resilient Communities---In PersonBrittany Brand
SPSVIP 200, 400, 50046NASA Microgravity SUITS, NASA Microgravity NExT, Autonomous RoboticsTBDIn PersonSteve Swanson