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Service-Learning Course Offerings

Service Learning, International Rescue Committee, Photo Patrick Sweeney

Find classes by searching for college, instructor, or course (updated August 02, 2022). Note: the times and dates of classes may have changed; consult Broncoweb or the Student Center.


Additional course information is found on For details on how to search for courses see Class Search within myBoiseState.

Frequently taught SL classes (listed by department and college)

Fall 2022

CollegeClass SectionClass NameFacultyMeeting Time/DaysCourse Format
COBEACCT 485, 5851VITA ProgramKathy Hurley03:00 pm-04:15 pm WeIn Person
COASBAS 4954101, 4201Capstone ProjectMargaret SassOnlineOnline
COASBMOL 6031Biophysical InstrumentationLaxman Mainali09:00 am-10:15 am WeFrIn Person
COENCS 5391Social Media MiningFrancesca Spezzano12:00 pm-01:15 pm TuThRemote
COEDED-CIFS 5791Educational Leadership Clinical ExperienceRob Winslow8:00 am - 3:00 pm SaIn Person
COEDED-ESP 3214001Family & Community RelationsErin TanzerOnlineOnline
COEDED-LLC 3431Reading Diagnosis & InterventHannah Carter05:45 pm-07:15 pm TuThIn Person
COEDED-LLC 3432Reading Diagnosis & InterventPamela Swainston05:45 pm-07:15 pm TuThIn Person
COASENGL 10127Writing and Rhetoric IElizabeth Barnes09:00 am-10:15 am TuHybrid
COASENGL 10128Writing and Rhetoric IElizabeth Barnes12:00 pm-01:15 pm TuHybrid
COASENGL 10129Writing and Rhetoric IElizabeth Barnes01:30 pm-02:45 pm TuHybrid
COASENGL 10130Writing and Rhetoric INicole Brun-Mercer12:00 pm-01:15 pm MoWeIn Person
COASENGL 101M1Writing and Rhetoric INicole Brun-Mercer01:30 pm-02:45 pm MoWeIn Person
SPSENVSTD 1213Intro to the EnvironmentMari Rice10:30 am-11:45 am ThIn Person
SPSENVSTD 3001Management and AnalysisMari Rice09:00 am-11:45 am MoIn Person
COASIPS 4954101, 4201Capstone ProjectMargaret SassOnlineOnline
COBEITM 430, 5301Predictive AnalyticsChristie Fuller03:00 pm-04:15 pm MoWeIn Person
COHSKINES 1501Residential College: Health ProfessionsNafees Alam4:30 pm - 5:45 pm TuIn Person
COHSKINES 3611Conditioning and Exercise PhysiologyTyler Johnson9:00 am - 10:15 am TuThIn Person
COENMSE 497/5972Materials for Energy SustainabilityClaire Xiong12:00 pm - 1:15 pm MoWeIn Person
COASMUS 3721General Music MethodsLori Gray09:00 am-10:15 am TuThHybrid
COASMUS ENS 127, 327, 527AllChamber MusicBrian HodgesVariesIn Person
COBENONPROF 2404001Intro to Nonprofit ManagementMelinda Gauthier BadermanOnlineOnline
COBENONPROF 3404001Volunteer Mgmt & the NonprofitKathleen McDonaldOnlineOnline
COBENONPROF 4404001Funding for NonprofitsKathleen McDonaldOnlineOnline
COHSNURS 4171 - 7Community and Population Health Nursing LabShannon RumseyVariesHybrid
COASPR 3011PR Campaign StrategiesChristine Moore01:30 pm-02:45 pm TuThIn Person
SPSPUBADM 5141Intro Nonprofit Mgmt & CollabJaime Hansen06:00 pm-08:45 pm WeIn Person
SPSPUBADM 692NoMPA CapstoneVanessa Fry6:00 pm-8:45 pm WeIn Person
COHSSOCWRK 2012Foundations of Social WorkRandy Magen10:30 am-11:45 am TuThIn Person
COHSSOCWRK 2011Foundations of Social WorkValerie Haddon04:30 pm-07:15 pm ThIn Person
SPSSPS 1501LLC: Leadership & EngagementMichael Allen04:30 pm-05:45 pm TuIn Person
COIDUX-PRO 4694303User Research CapstoneKendall HouseOnlineOnline
COASVIP 200, 400, 5008Books in Every HomeTara Penry & Eun Hye Son12:15 pm-01:15 pm FrIn Person
COENVIP 200, 400, 5005MicrogravitySteve Swanson/Megan GambsTBDIn Person
CI+DVIP 200, 400, 50013Human-Animal InteractionsShelly Volsche12:00 pm -1:15 pm FriIn Person
SPSVIP 200, 400, 50027Housing Opportunities for AllKrista Paulsen and Vanessa FryTBDHybrid