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Education Classes and Experiences

Teach lessons that last a lifetime. Education is the Peace Corp’s largest program area. Volunteers play an important role in creating links among schools, parents, and communities by working in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary schools as math, science, conversational English, and resource teachers or as early grade reading and literacy teacher trainers. Volunteers also develop libraries and technology resource centers.

If you choose Education, take three courses from one of the following areas:

  • Elementary, Secondary or Special Education
  • English or Linguistics
  • Math
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Any Physical or Biological Science

Recommended courses:

  • ED-ESP223 Child Growth and Development
  • ED-ESP255 Education and Assistive Technology
  • ED-ESP321 Family and Community Relations
  • ED-ESP329 Behavior Support in Early Childhood
  • ED-CIFS302 Learning and Instruction
  • And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as:

Boise State Opportunities

  •  Become a Learning Assistant in a peer tutoring program at Boise State.  Nearly two-thirds of Peace Corps Volunteers serve in Education or Health. Coursework and meaningful experience in one of these areas—especially teaching English as a second/foreign language— produce some of the strongest candidates.
  • Professional Year experience through a Secondary Education or Education degree.
    Volunteer or work at one of the many summer camps held at Boise State (or elsewhere) each summer. STEM and Education students inquire with your department about ways to become involved.
  • Find a Service-Learning course such as ED-ESP 350 Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs. This requires a criminal background check and to be fingerprinted.)
  • Register for LEAD 225 and participate in an Alternative Spring Break 
  • Inquire with your department about any research or internship opportunities
  • Volunteer or intern while studying abroad. Students have taught English to local children, tutored disadvantaged youth, and volunteered at an organization supporting children with hearing loss, learn more by visiting Global Learning on campus.

Community Opportunities