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Current Tuition, Salary, and Insurance Rates

General Overview

A Full GA (up to 20 hours per week) includes full coverage of standard tuition and fees, payment of the minimum salary, and full coverage on the GA health insurance.

A Partial GA (up to 10 hours per week) includes at least half coverage of standard tuition and fees, half the minimum salary, and full coverage on the GA health insurance.

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Tuition and Fees

Graduate Assistantships include payment of tuition and fees during the contract period of the assistantship. If a GA is classified by the university as a non-resident of Idaho, the total amount of all non-resident tuition is automatically waived by the university.

Tuition and fees are submitted by the department or unit to the Graduate College for payment via the Graduate Assistant Tuition and Fee Payment Request.

Standard Tuition, 2024-2025

Standard tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year, per the Schedule of Tuition and Fees:

    • $5,401.56 per semester
    • $10,803.12 per year

For GAs with a Partial Award, the award must cover at least half the standard tuition, or $2,700.78 per semester/$5,401.56 per year.

Alternative Fee Programs

For additional fee details and per credit fees for Alternative Fee Programs (including Online and Self-Support program) please see the complete information on the Student Financial Services Tuition and Fees website, including Graduate Tuition and Fees and a full listing of Alternative Fee Programs. If the student is taking any courses that are self-support or designated as alternative fee programs, the amount of standard tuition and the amount of the alternative fee must be listed separately when submitted to the graduate college. As some funds have restrictions on the type of courses they can be used for, consult with your department or unit’s business manager if the GA has alternative fees.

If the department will be paying additional fees for the GA, (i.e. course fees, lab fees, student ID, or internet fees) they may be included with the initial Graduate Assistant Tuition and Fee Payment Request submitted to the Graduate College or added at a later date by selecting the Additional Fee option at the beginning of the form. Submit additional fees prior to the fee payment deadline to ensure that late fees will not be posted to the student’s account.

If tuition or fee amounts change, or if the funding source changes, please submit a revised tuition and fee payment request form and select the revision option. Please note that revisions to funding will only be accepted prior to tenth day. Changes made after tenth day will require the funding to be updated at the department level via the correcting entry process.

Health Insurance

Graduate Assistantships include full coverage under the graduate assistant health insurance plan provided by Aetna/Gallagher. This plan is a student plan. Both full and partial assistantships must receive full payment of the health insurance premium. Departments should budget for a full year of insurance coverage for their graduate assistants.

2023-2024 Health Insurance Premium Rates

$3,056 per plan year (August 1 – July 31), $254.67 per month

* Rates will be updated for the new plan year 2024-2025 once the information has been finalized. 

Additional Notes

  • For GAs who end their position in December, their health insurance coverage will end December 31.
  • For GAs who end their position in May, their health insurance coverage will end May 31.
  • Exception: If GAs with positions in the Spring term receive a confirmed appointment for the following fall term by June 1, their GA insurance will continue during the summer without a break in service. Please plan to complete the hiring process for continuing GAs through Bronco Hub in April and May to ensure continuous coverage.

Minimum Salary

The salary paid to a GA must meet or exceed the minimum salary requirements set by the University. The minimum salaries for the 2023-2024 academic year (9-month contract) are as follows.

Full Award

  • Doctoral Level: $10,226.00
  • Master’s Level: $9,588.00

Partial Award

  • Doctoral Level: $5,113.00
  • Master’s Level: $4,794.00