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Tuition and Fees

Resident Tuition and Fees Rates

The following tables contains tuition and fee rates for resident undergraduate and graduates per semester. Breakdown of all Mandatory Fees found in Mandatory Fee Breakdown. For non-resident rates see Other Fees / Tuition. You may also Download the 2021-2022 Semester Schedule of Tuition & Fees (PDF).

For a complete list of annual full-time fees and part-time credit hour fees, please Download the Approved Annual Student Fees for FY22.

Undergraduate Semester Rates

Resident RatesFull-time Undergraduate (per semester, 11 or more credits)Part-time UndergraduateSummer 2022 Undergraduate
Total Mandatory Fee1263.82114.8993.67
Total Undergraduate Resident Tuition and Fees$4,030.00$366.64$292.75

Graduate Semester Rates

Resident RatesFull-time Graduate (per semester, 9 or more credits)Part-time GraduateSummer 2022 Graduate
Graduate Tuition Differential (Fee)789.00103.0075.00
Total Mandatory Fee1263.82114.8993.67
Total Graduate Resident Tuition and Fees$4,819.00$469.64$367.75

Mandatory Fee Breakdown

Mandatory Fee DescriptionFull-time Undergraduate (per semester, 11 or more credits) and Graduate (per semester, 9 credits or more)Part-time Undergraduate or GraduateSummer 2022 Undergraduate or Graduate
Facilities Debt and Land Acquisition694.8063.1649.44
Information Technology128.5711.698.90
Intercollegiate Athletics and Spirit Squad122.1511.108.88
Student Health Center53.504.864.32
Student Union68.506.236.23
Campus Recreation71.196.476.47
Student Transportation12.001.091.09
Associated Student Body13.501.231.09
Student Activity99.619.067.25
Total Mandatory Use Fees$1263.82$114.89$93.67

Other Fees / Tuition

Non-resident differential

The following other fees / tuition are charged in addition to resident tuition and fees:

  • Non-resident Full-time Tuition Differential (fee) – $8,460.00
  • Non-resident Part-time Tuition Differential (fee) – $357.00
  • Non-resident Summer Tuition Differential (fee) – $35.00
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange Differential (fee) – $2,015.00


The following other fees / tuition rates are the maximum that can be charged:

  • In-Service per credit hour fee for Undergraduates – $129.00
  • In-Service per credit hour fee for Graduates – $167.00


  • Tuition per credit over 16 hours enrolled – $252.00

Previous Tuition and Fees Rates

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