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Ambassador Campus Tour

Ambassador Guided Campus Tour

Deciding where to go to graduate school can be overwhelming! We know first-hand how important a campus visit can be. We offer in-person campus visit experiences for you to physically explore campus while engaging with our Ambassadors. Come and schedule an Ambassador lead tour!

Can’t make it in person? No worries! Check out the self guided virtual tour of Boise State campus.

Ambassador Tour

Self Guided Virtual Tour

General Campus Tour

Whether you want to spend a weekend exploring here or simply join us for a virtual visit, Boise State Admissions offer a diverse set of options for you to learn more about our campus, student dorms, academics, and more. We’re excited to show you why so many are proud to call Boise their home. This tour is geared towards incoming Freshmen but anyone can apply. Come and schedule a General Tour with Boise State Admissions.

Schedule a General Tour