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What are Institutional Training Table Data Used For?

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What are Institutional Training Table Data Used For?
by NIH Staff

NIH institutional training grant applications request past and present faculty and trainee data, which are used by peer reviewers and NIH program staff in the evaluation of the application and making funding decisions. For active training grants, NIH requests trainee and faculty data to assess the progress of these ongoing training awards. These data provide insight into:

  • the environment of the proposed training
  • distribution of participating faculty by research interest
  • existing support for training, and availability of funds to support trainees’ research
  • recruitment of new trainees and progress of existing trainees, as assessed by outcomes such as:
    • degree completion
    • publications
    • career progress
    • subsequent involvement in research-related activities

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For more information on institutional training grants, generally, visit the “T Kiosk” page on

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