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HannaLore Hein, portrait

HannaLore Hein, a MAHR graduate, has a book/author review published in COLUMBIA, the journal of the Washington State Historical Society. She will also be doing an interview next with Clay Jenkinson for his nationally syndicated podcast, “The Thomas Jefferson Hour,” about Fisher’s book Suicide or Murder? The Strange Death of Governor Meriweather Lewis. 



Lisa Brady, portrait

Lisa Brady, Professor in Environmental and American History, published “From War Zone to Biosphere Reserve: The Korean DMZ as a Scientific Landscape” in Notes and Records of the Royal Society of the History of Science. It is part of a special volume edited by Anita Guerrini (Oregon State University) and Georgina Montgomery (Michigan State University) and is based on Brady’s keynote address at the Biodiversity and the History of Scientific Environments workshop at Oregon State in 2018.


HannaLore Hein, portrait


HannaLore Hein, a MAHR graduate, was able to get an editorial published on the Idaho Statesman.



Lisa Brady, portrait


Lisa Brady, Professor in Environmental and American History, was awarded the 33rd Golden Apple Award for the Graduate College.




Connor Dennis, portrait

Connor Dennis, a senior history major at Boise State University has been selected as a Fulbright Scholar for the English Teaching Assistant program in Taiwan. He will be moving to Taiwan for a year this August to teach English, and execute service projects. After studying abroad in the spring of 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he knew he wanted to pursue international education post-graduation. Upon his return from Thailand, he worked for two years at the Center For Global Education at Boise State as a peer adviser helping fellow students plan their study abroad experiences. These experiences made him confident that he would be a competitive applicant for Fulbright. However, he would have never come close to achieving this without the help of his professors at Boise State and adviser Kate Heubschmann. I recommend that all Boise State students study abroad and seek out international opportunities, you will open so many doors for yourself.


Daniel Hopkins, portrait

Daniel Hopkins, who graduated last May in History, Social Science, and Secondary Education, learned that he was awarded a Fullbright to the Netherlands. He was awarded an English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) in the Netherlands. He was a history, political science, and secondary education major which fit well with his goals of wanting to teach and it gives him the opportunity to do so abroad which is something he has always wanted to do. Before receiving the Fulbright, he worked as an undergraduate researcher for the University Foundations Program and he was a student teacher last year at Boise State. During his time at the university, he had the opportunity to combine his passion for research with his passion for teaching and that led him to this opportunity with the Fulbright. He has not had the opportunity yet to visit the Netherlands. In fact, the Fulbright will be his first chance to visit Europe. He is so grateful to many people for helping and supporting him during this process. Specifically, he is thankful for his family and friends, his professors at Boise State, especially Dr. John Bieter, and his Fulbright advisor Kate Huebschmann. His advice to other students, is that he would suggest working hard and getting to know your professors. If you are interested in the Fulbright (which you should be) take time on your application and listen to Kate!

Dean Hagerman, portrait

Dean Hagerman, a current history graduate student that is working towards his Master of Applied Historical Research (MAHR) degree, was recently featured in episode 6 of the podcast series Common Land, which was aired on March 04, 2020 on the Boise Community Radio. This podcast talked about the story of Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.

This relates to Hagerman’s graduate work because in 2018 he was interviewed by WildLens, Inc for an oral history of the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (SRBPNCA). The other project he was working on was about the military training area that is located within the SRBPNCA. As a member of the Idaho National  Guard and the US Army Reserves, he trained there for over thirty years.  From that project and his personal experience, he became interested in the history of the area. His MAHR project is a podcast telling the creation story of the NCA and the role that Cecil Andrus played in its establishment.

Tune in to the episode through Common Land on Apple Podcast or tune in here.


Todd Bernhardt, portrait

Todd Bernhardt, a graduate history student, recently published a chapter for a book in “The Last of the Dons: The Decline of the Spanish-Speaking Californios following the Mexican-American War” in Joshua Hyles, ed., The Americas and the New World Order: Selected Essays on Latin America and Global Politics (London: Cambridge Scholars, 2019), 62-74.


Rachel Taylor, a Boise State history student, completed an internship at the Albertsons Library’s Special Collections and Archives as a manuscript processing intern. Taylor spent most of her processing time on Jo Anne Russell’s Papers, which was given from Russell after she passed away in 2000. Read more about the Jo Anne Russell Papers.

Erik Hadley, portrait

History faculty member, Erik Hadley,  presented his research paper on “Wallonian Folkloric Traditions: Memory, Commemoration, and Identity” at the Fulbright Belgium Symposium at the US Embassy in Brussels, on February 03, 2020.


Joanne Klein, portrait

Joanne Klein, professor of History, attended the Social Science History Association annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, on November 21-24.  She organized and chaired a book session on Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the LAPD by Max Felker-Kantor.  She served as chair and discussant for two sessions, on “Law, Incarceration, and Punishment” and on “Public and Private Means of Social Protection.”


Eriks Garsvo, portrait

Eriks Garsvo
History Alumni
Since graduating in 2017, Eriks Garsvo, has been busy in his field. Since 2014 he has led tours that he created for the Boise Train Depot on the history of the depot. He continues to lead the tours and give talks on railroad history of the area. Also since 2017 he has completed a four year restoration project on a 1942 Union Pacific Caboose at the Nampa Depot Museum which he was volunteering at since 2011. During the summer of 2018 he worked in Yellowstone at the Yellowstone Historic Center in downtown West Yellowstone. He was able to get the job there due to all his experience in the history field and with his BA in history from Boise State, he landed the job as Director of the Owyhee County Museum in Murphy Idaho when he came home from Yellowstone in October of 2018. One year later he is still the Director of the museum which is amazing as he never thought he would be in this type of position so soon.

He attended BSU from 2014-2017 and achieved his BA in History with that he was able to learn how to improve his writing skills in history and also networking. Most importantly what he would tell students, is to get out there! No matter what classes you take in the field of history nothing will prepare you more on how to work with different people, board members, leading projects, designing displays, leading tours, working with the public more than just going out there and volunteering. Most of his jobs started as a volunteer and he put his heart into everything he did and he went out there and didn’t wait for something to happen. By the time he graduated BSU, not only did he have the degree but his portfolio was extensive with all the work he had done since graduating High School in 2011, both the portfolio and degree speaks volumes. Its not easy getting into the field of history and it doesn’t always pay well but people see the hard, dedicated work you put in and one day you will be rewarded.

Word of Advice 
“I believe its so important to have internships for students that have not been able to get out there. Because if you leave school with that degree and have no connections with anyone in the field of community it will be harder to get a job out in that area. I am glad to see that BSU History Department now has a new leader trying to get kids out there. I once was there and there was no strong dedicated internship person. Its just so important to get out there to join a society, help out there and contribute. It won’t always be amazing but stick with it. You will look back and be amazed how much you learned from all of it.”


HannaLore Hein, portrait

Boise State Graduate Fifth State Historian
In the summer of 2019, HannaLore Hein, became the fifth state historian at the Idaho State Historical Society, and the first woman to hold the job since it became a credentialed position in the 1950s. Read more about HannaLore Hein’s new position as historian.


Brandi Burns, portrait

Boise State Graduate featured in Idaho Statesman
Brandi Burns, an MAHR graduate, who works as the History Programs Manager for the City of Boise, has an article in the Idaho Statesman about Boise’s mayoral runoff races. You can read Brandi’s story here.


Lisa Brady, portrait

Lisa M. Brady
Environmental & American History
Lisa M. Brady published a chapter in the Cambridge History of the American Civil War, a three-volume compendium edited by Aaron Sheehan-Dean. Brady’s chapter, “Environmental War” appears in volume 2, “Affairs of the State,” and examines nature’s role in the causes, conduct, and consequences of the conflict. Brady was one of seventy-six scholars invited to contribute to the collection, the most comprehensive treatment of the American Civil War to date. You can visit Cambridge’s website to read more.

HannaLore Hein, portrait

HannaLore Hein
Graduate from Boise State
HannaLore Hein (MAHR, 2015) joined the staff at the Idaho State Historical Society as State Historian in August 2019. In her role for the agency, she is engaged with strategic outreach across state, content creation for internal projects and initiatives, including the Idaho Women 100 campaign, which seeks to celebrate the history of Idaho women’s courageous past and help shape the unlimited future of women’s leadership in Idaho, and management of the agency’s publications program