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Michael Zirinsky

Michael Zirinsky

A.B. (Government), Oberlin College, 1964
M.A. (International Relations), The American University, 1968
Ph.D. (Modern History), The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1976

Teaching responsibilities: courses in the history of modern Europe, in the history of France and Germany, in the history of the Holocaust, and in the history of the Islamic and modern Middle East.

Research interests: relations between the Islamic Middle East and the western world, especially in the twentieth century; Iran’s relations with the west, especially with the United States, Great Britain, and France; missionaries, especially American Presbyterian missionaries in late Qajar and early Pahlavi Iran.

Publications include

“American Presbyterian Missionaries at Urmia During the Great War,” Proceedings of the International Roundtable on Persia and the Great War, Tehran, 2-3 March 1997 (forthcoming).

“Render Therefore unto Caesar That Which is Caesar’s: American Presbyterian Educators and Reza Shah,” Iranian Studies, 26: 3-4 (1993), 337-56.

“The Rise of Reza Khan”, in John Foran, editor, Social Movements in Iran: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1994), 44-77.

“A Panacea for the Ills of the Country: American Presbyterian Education in Inter-War Iran,” Iranian Studies, 26: 1-2 (1993), 119-137. [Reprinted in American Presbyterians Journal of Presbyterian History, 72: 3 (1994), 187-201.

“Presbyterian Missionary Women in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Iran”, translated into Persian by Manijeh Badiozamani, Nimeye-Digar; Persian Language Feminist Journal, 17 (1993), 38-63.

“Imperial Power and Dictatorship: Britain and the Rise of Reza Shah, 1921-1926,” International Journal of Middle East Studies, 24 (1992), 639-64.

“Imperial Power and Dictatorship: Britain and the Rise of Reza Shah, 1921-1926,” translated into Persian and republished without my knowledge in Negah-e-Nou (Tehran), 15 (1993), 84-124.

“Harbingers of Change: Presbyterian Women in Iran, 1883-1949,” American Presbyterians: Journal of Presbyterian History, 70: 3 (1992), 173-86.

“Presbyterian Missionaries and American Relations with Pahlavi Iran,” The Iranian Journal of International Affairs, 1989, 71-86.

“Blood, Power, and Hypocrisy: The Murder of Robert Imbrie and American Relations with Pahlavi Iran, 1924,” International Journal of Middle East Studies, 18 (1986), 275-292.


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