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Raymond Krohn


Long American Nineteenth Century


Ph.D., Purdue University
M.A., Youngstown State University
B.A., John Carroll University

I received my Ph.D., in history, from Purdue University (2010), where I focused on the nineteenth-century United States and worked closely with such period specialists as Robert E. May, Michael A. Morrison, and John L. Larson. I additionally studied under Frederick J. Blue while completing an M.A. at Youngstown State University.

As a member of the Department of History at Boise State, which I joined in 2012, I provide a variety of introductory surveys, advanced seminars, and interdisciplinary workshops. My teaching and research interests encompass the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, specifically the histories of slavery, abolitionism, and social reform movements, as well as constitutional, political, intellectual, and cultural history.

As an educator, I seek to demonstrate to students why the past matters. My overriding goal is to convey the complexity of history, the variety of past experiences, and the multiple, intricate, and contingent origins and outcomes of historical events and developments. Besides engaging and unpacking the “whats,” “hows,” and “whys” of the past, on their own terms and for their own sake, I am a present-minded instructor, too. That is, I would like for students to acquire an understanding, not only of how the past shapes the present, but also of the persisting presence of deceptively distant paths. By telling and talking about historical stories, my hope is that students will fully appreciate the extent to which the past itself and the study of the past are vibrant, dynamic, and ever-relevant.

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Office: L188
Phone: (208) 426-4630
Spring 2022 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 3 to 4 pm.


The Historical Craft
Themes in World History
United States History I/II
Framing the United States, 1776-1800
Jacksonian America, 1815-1850
The Civil War and Reconstruction
Made in the U.S.A: Histories of Leadership
Modernity & the Art of War
The Modern Art of Imperialism

Graduate Students

Jeremiah Hilbish
Marnie Nichole

Selected Scholarship

The Commemorator’s Crusade: The Meaning of Abolitionism after Slavery’s DestructionĀ (book manuscript)