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Handbook for History Graduate Students — Your Questions Answered

Ideally you have been accepted and you’re in.  I wish you a warm welcome to the Graduate History Program. This handbook has several sections linked below that should answer questions about your future here, such as what a thesis proposal looks like, and what forms you need to fill out.

I wish you good luck – and don’t hesitate to ask me questions.  As a department we want you to graduate and have deliberately created a program that fosters a sense of camaraderie. As a group you will constitute a “cohort” – such as the cohort of 2022 – that can help each other move forward. The faculty genuinely wants to see and hear from you. Talk to us, and especially me, if you have questions or concerns. So, say something.

David Walker
Associate Professor of Military History
History Graduate Coordinator — Office L187 in the History Department

Grading in Graduate School

Basic Outline of Completing a Graduate Degree in History

Forms Required to Complete your Graduate Degree

Guidelines on Writing the Proposal for your Thesis/Project/Portfolio

Guidelines on Actually Writing your Thesis/Project/Portfolio

Defending your MA Thesis/Project/Portfolio

Provisional Status Explained

Extensions and Delays in Your Program that You May Need

Gradwell and the Graduate Student Success Center

For any questions you may have that are not answered here check these other sources:

  • The Boise State Graduate Catalog – a big book of all graduate programs – available online from the Graduate College.
  • The Boise State Graduate College website – for more links to forms and general information on how to format MA theses for the proper look and style.   They have many resources.  The graduate student success center is of great help and is often necessary.
  • Registrar’s website for academic calendar – when things must be done by or else!!