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Forms you will need & Forms you may need

Forms you will need to graduate (see the Graduate Student Handbook – or the Graduate Wall Bulletin Board in the Department) for more detailed information on when you will need these forms.

History Department forms

Print these out and fill them in when required

Graduate School forms

Go to the link below and you will see a long list of all kinds of graduate school forms. Some are electronic only and some will need to be printed and filled out. Below the link is the list of forms that all history graduate students will utilize at a minimum with exceptions where noted.

Link: Graduate College Forms

  • Appointment of Supervisory Committee
  • Application for Admission to Candidacy
  • Graduate Student Graduation Application
  • Graduate Student Defense Notification – This should be filled out by the student’s committee chair but may on occasion be delegated to the student (Only for Thesis students. Do not fill this out for Projects or Portfolio Defenses)
  • Defense Committee Approval Form
  • Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation (Only for MA Thesis students)
  • Thesis-Dissertation-Formatting Requirements (Only for MA thesis students)
  • ScholarWorks Authorization for Selected Graduate Project (Only for public history projects)

Forms you may need on a case by case basis

Below are theĀ  forms commonly used by History Graduate students. These and all other forms can be found at the Graduate College site for essential forms.

  • Readings and Conference (History 595)
  • Independent Study (History 596)