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Honors 392: A Unique Classroom Experience for Students and Teachers

An important aspect of the Honors students’ academic experience is their two Honors 392 colloquium courses.  Professors and community practitioners create 392 courses based on their personal and professional passions. Titles of these unique courses include: Austenland: Exploring Jane Austen; The Legal History of Sports; The Theory and Practice of Sales; Writing and Leadership; The Future of Capitalism; The American Gothic Tradition in Literature and Film; 1920s Berlin: Gender in Literature and Art; and Talking to Strangers—Some Challenges in Cross-Cultural Communication.

Students’ comments about their  392 experience include: “The workload and expectations for the course were high, but also obtainable through hard work”; “The material was broadening and discussion required deep thinking and application”; and “This course taught me more than just writing. It was a broadening and life-changing course.”