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Summer 2024 Honors Courses

All Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.  The prerequisite for all courses unless otherwise stated is admission to the Honors College, however other prerequisites or co-requisites may apply.

Summer Honors Courses

Honors Colloquia

HONORS 392-4001 Taylor Swift

Class # 40273, ONLINE, (1st) 5-week course, Shelton Woods

Taylor Swift and her lyrics have captured the imagination of millions of people. Our course will examine her life, lyrics, and music as a mirror to twenty-first century American culture.

NOTE: This course is a (1st) 5-week course and runs from 05/28/24 – 06/30/24.

HONORS 392-4002 Greek Mythology

Class # 41203 ONLINE, (2nd) 3-week course, Annal Frenz

Many of us have at least a passing familiarity with Greek myths, but in this online course you’ll be able to go beyond simply enjoying the stories. We’ll look at what makes a myth, who makes a myth, and why mythology is so enduring.

NOTE: This course is a (2nd) 3-week course and runs from 07/22/24 – 08/11/24.

HONORS 392-4003 Heroes and Villains

Class # 41616, ONLINE, (1st) 7-week course, Brandi Venable

Why are stories about heroes and villains so compelling? Do today’s heroes and villains serve the same functions as those of the past? To arrive at answers to these and other questions we will analyze a collection of narratives across media formats. Together, we will examine the relationship between heroes and narrative structure, explore the dichotomy of good vs. evil, and discuss the cultural treatment of heroes and villains from both the present and the past.

NOTE: This course is a (1st) 7-week course and runs from 05/06/24 – 06/23/24.