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Substitution Request for a Required Honors Course

Use this form to request a substitution for required Honors flex credits or your second HONORS 392. You may not substitute HONORS 390 or HONORS 498. If you are a transfer student and believe an Honors course you took is equivalent to HONORS 198, please reach out to: for guidance.

If you are requesting a substitution for your second HONORS 392, then you must demonstrate the following:

  • You have a plan for completing any other outstanding Honors courses/flex credits;
  • You are unable to fit a second HONORS 392 into your degree plan without extending your timeline for graduation and/or creating a financial hardship;
  • You have already completed or are currently enrolled in an upper-division or graduate-level course* that is comparable to an HONORS 392. Course description: Honors Colloquia are rigorous, upper-division, seminar courses that allow Honors students to explore interests outside their major. Course topics change every semester, giving students the ability to study topics that compliment their field of study or ones
    they never before considered.

*You may not request more than two substitutions using graduate-level coursework. Additionally, you must take at least one HONORS 392 (i.e. you may not substitute two graduate-level courses for both of your HONORS 392s).

Substitutions are not guaranteed and will be granted on a case-by-case basis after being reviewed by an Honors Advisor and at the discretion of the Associate Dean.

(e.g HONORS 392)
(e.g. CE 568)
Max. file size: 10 MB.
1. Describe the adjustment you are requesting. 2. Explain why this course qualifies as a substitute for the Honors course and how it compares to the depth required of an honors course. 3. Explain why you need the substitution.