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Honors College Student Contract

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Honors Mission

Guided by three principles–ambition, humility, and wisdom–the Honors College at Boise State University supports a community of outstanding students and challenges them to become more effective thinkers and leaders as they prepare for lives of meaningful work, public engagement, and lifelong learning.

Thriving Community and Culture

The Honors College welcomes applicants from many different backgrounds. We value and care for the experiences, perspectives, and identities that all students bring to the college. In support of Boise State’s emphasis on Fostering Thriving Community, we will “promote and advance a fair, equitable and accessible environment to enable all members of the campus community to make a living, make a life and make a difference, and advance a learning environment dedicated to the flourishing, sense of belonging, and freedom of expression among all students.”

Honors Student Conduct

Honors students should be leaders on campus and models for other students. Students suspended from the university are subject to dismissal from the Honors College.

Honors students should exemplify principles of academic integrity. Students caught cheating or engaging in other forms of academic misconduct (as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct) are subject to dismissal from the Honors College.

Honors students should be respectful towards the community around them, including instructors, staff members, and fellow students. Our expectations align with those of the Student Code of Conduct and Office of Institutional Compliance. Bigotry, discrimination, hateful rhetoric, and hateful action will not be tolerated. Students who disrupt the Honors living/learning environment are subject to dismissal from the Honors College.

Honors students should be engaged members of the Honors community. Students are expected to keep in contact and check their email weekly for Honors updates on events and policies.

Retention Requirements

For students to remain in the Honors College, they must:

  • 1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25
  • 2. Successfully participate in all assigned activities of the Honors Welcome Program
  • 3. Maintain progress within Honors curriculum (usually at least one Honors course per year)
  • 4. Successfully complete all Honors Signature Courses (students who receive a C- in an Honors Signature Course are subject to dismissal from the program)
  • 5. Attend an official annual meeting with their Head of House
  • 6. Abide by the Honors Student Conduct expectations listed above

Students who fall below a cumulative 3.25 GPA will be placed on probation for a semester. They will return to good standing if they can raise their cumulative GPA the following semester; otherwise, they will be dismissed from the Honors College. Students who fail to meet the other retention requirements are subject to immediate dismissal from the Honors College. Students with extenuating circumstances who seek to remain in the program despite failing to maintain the above-noted requirements may submit a written petition to the Honors College. Petitions will be reviewed first by Honors staff and then the Honors Dean.

If a student wishes to withdraw from the Honors College, they must submit a withdrawal form by the tenth day of the fall semester. Students who do not submit a withdrawal form by this date commit to the Honors College for the remainder of the academic year (fall and spring semesters). All late withdrawal requests will be held until the conclusion of the spring semester.

Honors Curriculum

By completing 21 Honors credits, students will receive an Honors designation on their diploma. These credits include:

  • Honors Flex Courses: 12 credits chosen from Honors sections of Foundations courses, H-Options, additional Honors 392 courses, Honors workshops, Honors independent studies, or study abroad.
  • Honors Signature Courses: 9 credits consisting of Honors 198 (1 credit), Honors 390 (1 credit), two Honors 392 courses (6 credits total), and Honors 498 (1 credit).

Core-certified students have a reduced Honors courseload.

Honors House System

To encourage community, the Honors College consists of six Houses. Each is led by an Honors staff member. Student committees organize events throughout the year, allowing Houses to earn academic, social, and service points towards our House Cup. Beyond involvement and leadership opportunities, the House system also provides students with mentorship from Honors staff.

Students are required to meet with their Head of House once a year to remain in the Honors College.

Experiential Learning

The Honors College offers many activities every semester designed to enhance the student experience. Past events have included Distinguished Lecture Series, House Cup events, Senior Banquets, hikes to clean up Table Rock, Friday Forum discussions, and Pi Day. Our events fall into five categories: Citizenship, Academic, Professional Development, Multicultural, and Social.

Students are expected to participate in multiple Honors College or House events each year.

Leadership Development

We provide opportunities for Honors students to serve in roles that will refine their leadership skills, including: Honors Student Association Officers, Peer Mentors, and members of the Service Committee, Social Committee, and Financial Board.

Honors Financials and Scholarships

To remain a member of the Honors College, students must pay a program fee every semester. The Honors fee will be processed through students’ Student Center and will be non-refundable after the 10th day of the semester. Students with documented financial need may contact the Honors College to request assistance with their cost of Honors College membership.

The Honors College awards scholarships to incoming students (first-year, transfer, or current Boise State students) based on academic merit and co-curricular activities. Honors also awards scholarships to current Honors students based on academic merit and participation in the Honors College or service to the University. Additionally, the Honors College encourages students to study abroad by providing Honors credit as well as scholarship money when available.

The Honors College also assists students in applying for outside prestigious fellowships such as Fulbright, Rhodes, Truman, and Marshall Scholarships.

*Note: All Honors College policies and procedures can be subject to change. Students will be notified of any significant changes through their student email.*