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New House System

The Honors College numerical growth (1,060 students in fall 2019) necessitated that we divide into six smaller units (Houses).  Each House is led by an Honors staff member who meets at least once a year with every student in their House. Students compete in House cup events, and in the spheres of social, service, and academic activities. At the end of the year, one House emerges as the victor of the House Cup. Houses are also led by student presidents and other officers. In our third year of the House system, the mentorship and friendly competition have increased camaraderie among the students and staff.

About the Houses

The Honors College Houses are named after Birds of Prey: Peregrine, Harrier, Kestrel, Osprey,  Merlin, and Gyrfalcon.  Continue to the following page to learn more about the House System at the Honors College.

Learn More About The Houses