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Daniele Moro

Daniele Moro sits at a table outside, with a laptop open and a pen writing in a notebook

Daniele Moro, a native from Avezzano, Italy, is a Senior studying Computer Science at Boise State University. After conducting NSF-funded research at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, Daniele found his passion in Artificial Intelligence.

Over the past three years, he has continued his research in the Speech, Language & Interactive Machines (SLIM) research group, publishing four papers and being awarded the Goldwater scholarship, the most prestigious undergraduate STEM scholarship in America. A leader in his community, Daniele is a Kleiner Perkins Fellow, and he has been president of four different student organizations, most recently founding and growing the AI Club to over 140 members.

As a current software engineering intern at Google, Daniele aims to do a Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing after graduation, with the goal of building intelligent machines for everyone.

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