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HSA Officer Job Description

Shared responsibilities of all officers

  • Attend HSA weekly meetings and banquets, as well as a minimum of six (6) HSA events each semester.
  • Attend all fall training and planning sessions.
  • Create personal goals for time serving as an HSA officer and meet with the president at the beginning, middle, and end of each semester to track progress.
  • Host monthly open forums to receive feedback from HSA members.
  • Vote in a special election to choose a new President should the existing president be unable to fulfill duties.
  • Advertise events via word of mouth.
  • Maintain a detailed account of responsibilities and contacts.

Privileges of being an HSA officer

  • Receive academic credit (1 credit per semester)
  • Stronger resume in relation to Honors College Scholarships
  • Meet with influential leaders in the community as a group each month
  • Serve as Advisory Board for Honors College changes

Open officer positions


  • Manages requests and funding from the Associated Students of Boise State University.
  • Prepares all financial records for audit at the end of each school year.
  • Knowledgeable of and correctly follows Associated Students of Boise State University policy for club finances and requests.
  • Assumes the duties of the President during his/her temporary absence or inability to fulfill duties until a special election can be held.
  • Facilitates fundraising project(s), including the Finals Relief Project.


  • Records minutes at each meeting and sends them to each officer within 24 hours for approval.
  • Organizes a master events calendar using Google Docs and the Honors College Website.

Special Events Planner

  • Plans and facilitates the Fall and Spring banquet.
  • Helps coordinate Parent/Family weekend with the Honors College.
  • Helps organize events for Broncos Supporting Broncos scholarship.
  • Helps organize professional development events with Honors Alumni Chapter.