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Apply for Apartments

You’re Almost Home.

We’re so glad you’re ready to apply for university apartments. Review our process before starting your application.


University apartments are popular, and the turnover rate is low. This means that limited space is available.

Apartments will be listed on the Current Available Apartments page as they become available throughout the year. Only those apartments listed on this page will be available for licensing.

You can take a look on the Off-Campus Housing Marketplace to review alternative housing options or to post yourself as a roommate in order to connect with current university apartment residents who are looking for a roommate.  For the on-campus Apartments, we cannot guarantee housing or the precise timing of an offer.


Students must meet all listed requirements, according to their academic status.

Graduate Student:

  • Be enrolled in at least 9 credits
  • Be at least 20 years old

Undergraduate Student:

  • Be enrolled in at least 12 credits
  • Qualify as head of household with dependent


  • If an offer is made, we’ll notify you of this offer via your BroncoMail
  • You will have 24 hours to accept the offer
  • Complete and submit your application and pay the $75 non-refundable application fee within 5 days
  • A $250 security deposit will be due in your student account with the first month’s rent