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Apply for Apartments

You’re Almost Home.

We’re so glad you’re ready to apply for university apartments. Review our process before starting your application.


University apartments are popular, and the turnover rate is low. That means that limited space is available. In order to apply for one or more university apartments, please add yourself to your preferred waitlist(s).  Waitlists are broken into each apartment area and number of bedrooms; you are welcome to add yourself to any and all apartment waitlists.  It’s a good idea to explore alternative housing options in and around Boise if apartment living is your only choice.  You can take a look on the Off-Campus Housing Marketplace to review alternative housing options or to post yourself as a roommate in order to connect with current university apartment residents who are looking for a roommate.  For the on-campus Apartments, we cannot guarantee housing or the precise timing of an offer.  We will contact you when you have reached the top of the waitlist and a unit becomes available. 


Be enrolled in at least 12 credits as an undergraduate or 9 credits as a graduate student, plus one of the following:

  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Have at least 26 credits
  • Qualify as head of household with dependent

Application Process

  • Log into your My Housing Portal to add yourself to your preferred apartment waitlist(s)
    • It’s helpful to include your preferred move-in date in the comments section
    • You will be able to see your current waitlist #
    • Keep an eye on your waitlist position
  • Contact the Educational Access Center if you need accommodations
  • Check your BroncoMail frequently for important updates


  • Once you reach the top of the waitlist,  we’ll notify you via your BroncoMail when an apartment is available
  • You will have 2 business days to accept
  • Pay $50 non-refundable application fee*
  • Electronically sign the apartment housing license agreement & any required addenda
  • A $250 security deposit will be due in your student account once you sign the agreement
  • You will be removed from the waitlist if you decline the offer

Ready to apply?

Apartments Waitlist Instructions

Add yourself to the waitlist here