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Apartment FAQ

General Apartment Questions

Where is the apartment office?

The University Apartment Office is located in the University Village Community Center at 2580 W. Boise Avenue in the University Village Apartments. Both the resident director’s office and the front desk are located there.

Do I need a parking pass/permit to park in the apartment community?

Yes, valid parking passes/permits are required for all tenants, occupants and guests to park in the apartment parking lots. Please refer to Parking and Transportation Services website or calling (208) 426-PARK for details on permits and cost structure.

Is parking available for guests?  

Every student who is living on the Boise State University campus can make use of free visitor passes, 5 days total, per month by coming into the Transit Center with their visitor’s vehicle license plate state & number, make, model, color and year of vehicle, and the date of their visitor’s arrival and departure.  An email can also be sent to with the resident’s BSU ID#, visitor’s vehicle license plate state & number, make, model, color and year of vehicle, and the date of their visitor’s arrival and departure.  If additional guest passes are requested after the 5 days have been used, the cost is $5 per day.  

Requests are processed during regular business hours (Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).  If a request is submitted after these hours, it will be processed on the following business day.  Should your visitor receive a parking ticket due to a delay or error in processing the visitor parking request, the visitor will need to follow the standard appeal process found on the Appeals webpage.

What is the duration of the lease?

Housing and Residence Life provides leases that start the day you move in and last until May 31 of that school year. After May 31 you will have the opportunity to renew until the next May 31 as long as you are still a student.

How many people can live in a one-bedroom apartment? Two-bedroom?

The maximum number of adults that can live in a one-bedroom apartment is two. The two-bedroom maximum is three adults.

What school district will my kids attend school?

Information about specific schools, staff, school calendars, class start and end times, and school events can be accessed through the Boise School District website. Most kids attend the following schools:

University Park
Garfield Elementary
North JR. High
Boise High

University Manor/Heights/Village
Garfield Elementary
East JR. High
Timberline High

Sample address to determine school boundaries
University Park: 860 Sherwood, Boise, ID 83706
University Village & Heights: 2580 W. Boise Avenue, Boise, ID 83706
University Manor: 2016 W. Boise Avenue, Boise, ID 83706

What types of apartments are available?

Apartment availability varies throughout the year. Below is the number of units in our various complexes.

University HeightsUniversity ManorUniversity Village
18 one bedroom units20 one bedroom units66 two bedroom units
18 two bedroom units20 two bedroom units

For more information on each apartment please check out our Apartment Options Page

Apartment Application

If I cancel my application, do I get my application fee back?

The $50 application fee is non-refundable. You may cancel your application prior to move-in.

Can I move from the residence halls to the apartment community during the academic year?

Yes, if you meet the criteria and there is availability.



The university covers the cost of:

  • Internet (wireless and wired)
  • Sewer
  • Trash
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Gas

Any questions regarding utilities can be directed to the Housing Business Office at

What is the square footage of the apartments?

ApartmentNumber of BedroomsApproximate Square Footage
University Heights1 Bedroom492
University Heights2 Bedroom636
University Manor1 Bedroom492
University Manor2 Bedroom636
University Park2 Bedroom805
University Park3 Bedroom900
University Village2 Bedroom805

Do you have washers and dryers?

Please note, apartment units do not have washer/dryer hookups and are prohibited within the unit.

We do have laundry facilities for the exclusive use of the apartment community residents. Please do not leave laundry unattended or allow laundry to remain in the machines after washing/drying.

What appliances are supplied by the university?

ApartmentDishwasherGarbage DisposalFridgeStoveLaundromat
University HeightsXXX
University ManorXXX
University ParkXXXX
University VillageXXXXX

Do any of the apartments have access to internet, Wi-Fi, and/or cable?

Wired internet access is available in all of our complexes and with recent upgrades in Wi-Fi, every complex has a robust wireless internet infrastructure.  We discourage the use of personal wireless internet routers as they reduce access for other residents. Cable is not available for on-campus housing.

Do you have a fitness room?

We’ll do you one better. All full-fee paying students have free use of the Campus Recreation Center which features great workout equipment, fitness classes, indoor courts, climbing wall, and much more. For more information visit Recreation Services.

Are the apartments furnished?

The University Apartments are unfurnished. It is your responsibility to bring your own furniture and personal decoration.

Where do I get my mail?

During your lease signing you will be given your mailbox number and address. Mailboxes are located in centralized locations throughout the apartment complexes. All packages that are too large for your individual mailbox or those delivered by FedEx, DHL, or UPS for residents of University Heights, Manor, Park, or Village Apartments will be available for pick-up at the University Apartments Front Desk in the University Village Apartments. It is your responsibility to fill out a mail forwarding card with USPS when you move out.


How much is the rent?

Visit our Rates page for the most current rates.

Can I use my financial aid to pay for the application fee? Deposit? Rent?

Financial aid does not cover the payments of the application fee or the security deposit, but it may cover the rent. Any aid will first be applied to tuition and fees, any left can be applied towards rent.

When is my rent due and where do I send my payments?

Rent is due on the 25th of each month. Financial aid, if applicable, will be applied to your myBoiseState account toward apartment charges after tuition and fees are paid. A late payment fee of $10 or 1.75% of the balance due, whichever is greater, will be implemented if payment is not received by the Payment and Disbursement Center by 4:30 p.m. on the first day of the month or, when the first day falls on a weekend, on the following Monday.

Safety and Rules

How safe are the apartments?

Campus Security is responsible for building security, grounds security, citizen assistance, emergency response, and alarm monitoring. Security Officers patrol the facilities weekdays from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. and 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays. Campus Security can be contacted at (208) 426-1453.

In an emergency, dial 911. Residents are expected not to prop doors open or let people unknown to them into the facilities.

How will you know who to call in the event of an emergency?

We will look under the emergency contacts you listed in your Housing Portal.

How do I protect my belongings from being damaged or stolen?

As a resident, your belongings are not insured against theft, fire, or water damage. We strongly recommend you purchase renter’s insurance to protect yourself and your belongings. Renter’s insurance is often available at a reasonable cost from the company you may have your auto insurance through.

Is alcohol allowed on the premises?

Students of legal age residing in the apartments will follow state laws and university policy regarding alcohol use. Students of legal age may not contribute to the delinquency of minors – by purchasing, providing or making alcohol available to underage students and/or their guests, with the exception granted those minors in their stewardship (children or dependents). Possession and/or consumption of alcohol are prohibited in any public area of university-owned buildings or grounds. Therefore, alcohol is not allowed on landings, balconies/decks, in the parking lots and outside housing facilities on university grounds.

Kegged (tapped) beer, other common containers of alcohol (e.g. punch), and other large quantities of alcohol are prohibited in all housing facilities, including apartments. Parties and other gatherings where alcohol is shared are prohibited.

A person is considered in violation of Housing and Residence Life’s policy on alcohol use if his or her personal alcohol consumption infringes upon the rights of other persons or property.

Are pets allowed in the apartments?

Sorry, no. Due to health, safety, and facility concerns, the only pets allowed are fish in aquariums (10 gallons or less). Trained service or companion animals required by a qualified person with a disability are the only exception to this policy and must be approved by the Educational Access Center at (208) 426-1583.

Is smoking allowed?

Boise State is a smoke-free campus, and no smoking is allowed in the apartments or on any university property. Please see the smoke-free policy.

What is the apartments fire safety system like?

University Heights Apartments are of brick construction. Each apartment has standalone smoke detectors, exterior manual pull stations and exterior audible and visible alarm notification devices.

University Manor Apartments are of brick construction. Each apartment has standalone smoke detectors, exterior manual pull stations and exterior audible and visible alarm notification devices.

University Park Apartments are of concrete, masonry construction. Each apartment has standalone smoke detectors, exterior manual pull stations and exterior audible and visible alarm notification devices.

University Village Apartments have standalone smoke detectors, exterior manual pull stations and exterior audible and visible alarm notification devices. It also has two-hour firewalls.

Damage Fees

When it’s time to move out, you’ll schedule a check-out appointment to do a room inventory and return keys.  Your account may be charged an improper check-out charge of $150 and/or a lock change if check-out process is not followed and/or keys are not returned on time, in addition to any applicable cleaning and damage charges.

If any of your property is left behind, you will be charged for the removal of any property and daily storage fees. If it is not reclaimed, it will be treated as abandoned property, and the university may donate or otherwise dispose of such property without liability.

CategoryItem/IssueDescriptionCharge to Resident(s)
Keys/DoorsMissing Keys Replace$75 each
Keys/DoorsMissing Mailbox KeysReplace$25
CleaningBathroom CleaningNot Cleaned$50 minimum
CleaningBlack Light Paint/StickersHourly Rate$75 minimum
CleaningWalls/CleaningDirty/Scratches$35 minimum
CleaningRoom Cleaning/VacuumNot Cleaned$50 minimum
CleaningKitchen Cleaning (Including Fridge, Oven)Not Cleaned$50 minimum
ItemsConcrete Blocks/RocksLeft in Room$5 a piece
ItemsItems left behindKept for 30 days$50 minimum
ItemsHD Digital Cable BoxMissing$100
ItemsHDMI CableMissing$10
DamageVandalismClean/Repair$50 minimum
Smoke Damage Carpet, repaint walls, ozone treatment, Clean/replace$750 minimum
Smoke DamageSmoke DetectorMissing/Hanging$30 Replace
Surfaces/FixturesBlindsBroken/MissingRepair/Replace Cost
Surfaces/FixturesElectrical Cover/ControlMissing/Repair$10
Surfaces/FixturesFloor (Carpet, Vinyl or Tile)Stains/DamageRepair/Replace Cost
Surfaces/FixturesLight FixturesCover Missing/ Fixtures HangingRepair/Replace Cost
Surfaces/FixturesScreenMissing/Holes$50 Replace
Surfaces/FixturesTowel BarOff/Bent$25
Surfaces/FixturesWall/HolesSheet Rock Damage$75 minimum
Surfaces/FixturesWall/Painting/Nail HoleIn Need of More Than Cleaning$50 minimum
Surfaces/FixturesWindowsBroken/CrackedRepair/Replace Cost
Failure to follow checkout processImproper CheckoutCheck out after end of housing agreement term$150