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Sophomore and Above Application FAQ

Is the Sophomore and Above housing application open?

The Sophomore and Above housing application is now open for students to apply for the on-campus waitlist.

When will I know what Community I was assigned to?

Community Assignments will be sent out the week of March 13 to students Boise State email accounts. Housing is not guaranteed due to limited availability. If put on the waitlist, you will receive an email during the week of March 13 with your position and additional information.

Is there a chance I could be waitlisted for on-campus housing?

Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee on-campus housing to everyone who applies. We will be using the timestamps from the initial portal access to prioritize your housing assignment. Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace is a resource that will help students, faculty, and staff with their search for apartments near campus if you are on a waitlist or want to secure housing now.

How can I check my waitlist position?

Community assignments will be sent out the week of March 13. At that time, if you have been placed on the waitlist for on-campus housing, you will be notified of your position.

Are there any other resources that I should know about if I am placed on the waitlist?

Yes! On March 16 from 11:00 AM MDT to 2:00 PM MDT, we will be hosting an Off-Campus Housing Fair for all students. The fair will be located in the Bishop Barnwell room in the Student Union Building. Come speak with managers of various properties available for students to rent near campus. Get your questions answered about off-campus housing options.

I’m a transfer student and I can’t see the application. Why?

If you are attempting to apply for housing on March 7 or later and you still don’t have access to the application please contact us at or (208) 447-1001.

I received a confirmation email for my completed Sophomore and Above application, does this mean I will get housing?

Receiving the confirmation email does not guarantee housing. If you received an Application Completion Confirmation email, your application and payment has been received and no further work is required from you at this point. Please keep an eye on your Boise State email address for further instruction.

What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email after going through the application?

If you did not receive a confirmation email and you did not complete a payment for the application, then your housing application is not complete. Please log back into the housing portal and complete the application through the confirmation page after payment.

I’m worried about my chances of getting on-campus housing. Are there any off-campus options I can look into?

Boise State has partnered with Rent College Pads to create the Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace. Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace is a resource that will help students, faculty, and staff with their search for apartments near campus. We will also be hosting an off-campus housing fair on March 16.

I tried to login to the Housing Portal on February 15th at noon and could not get through to the application, is there a chance I could still get housing?

Since demand for housing is high and space is limited we cannot guarantee on-campus housing. Up to 1,000 students logged in at noon on February 15. In order to remain eligible for on-campus housing, it is important that you return to complete your application. Students who fail to return and complete their application will not be eligible to receive an assignment.

My application payment went through, but I didn’t receive a confirmation that my application is complete?

If funds were removed from your payment method, your housing application is considered complete. It could take 5-7 business days for your application status to show as “complete” in the portal. If you’d like to confirm that your application has been received please email us at

Can the Housing and Residence Life department complete my application for me?

No. There are many questions, documents and processes in the housing application that should be done by the student applying. Our Housing Office cannot do this for you, this is your agreement with Boise State and your participation in the application process is vital.

Updated: 03/13/2023