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Body Composition Tests

What is body composition testing?

The measurement of body composition is the calculation of the portion of fat and lean tissue components in the body. Body composition testing is a tool used to determine body fat percentage and calculate a recommended body weight. The lab is equipped to do four different kinds of body composition testing: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), hydrostatic (under water) weighing, Bod Pod and skin fold calipers. DXA is arguably the most accurate of the four tests and is now considered the Gold Standard of body composition testing. With a DXA Scan, bone density results are also included.

What to expect?

Changing facilities are available in the lab. Do not consume any food or drink 3 hours prior to testing (preferably a light meal only at that time). For the DXA wear comfortable clothing, for the Hydrostatic a swimsuit is advised, and for the Bod Pod tight fitting clothing.


A standard body composition test costs $55.00.

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