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Other Tests

Here’s some general information about our other testing services:



Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing is done to determine lung function values such as total lung volume, vital capacity and fractional capacities. These volumes and components of lung function and are important determinants of pulmonary health.

What to expect

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Isometric Strength

Isometric strength is the maximal force that a muscle group can exert in a fixed position. It can be performed to determine strength and muscular balance. Optimum strength and antagonistic muscle balance reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance. Isometric strength tests include: abdominal, chest press, low back, shoulder press, and upper back, as well as others.

What to expect

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Flexibility Testing

Flexibility is an important measure of an individual’s ability to move through the range of motion without causing injury. Optimum flexibility can reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance. Flexibility tests include: low back and hamstring, trunk rotation, and shoulder as well as others.

What to expect

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Alter-G Treadmill Training

The Alter-G treadmill allows one to run or walk at a reduced percentage of their body weight. A pressurized unit around the treadmill provides lift to the participant, reducing effective body weight by up to 80%. The Alter-G may be used to rehabilitate from an injury or as a method to reduce impact stress during weight bearing exercise. The Alter-G treadmill availability is limited as HPL classes, research, and service obligations have priority.

What to expect

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Other tests and protocols can be utilized and/or developed to meet your specific needs and interests.