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IBO attends Raptor Research Conference

Last week, IBO staff and students presented their research and spent time networking at the annual Raptor Research Foundation conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. We had a fantastic time learning about our colleagues’ research and networking with partners.

Undergraduate students Allyson Bangerter and Eliana Heiser created a poster on Northern Goshawk breeding success based on their work with Rob Miller and “Team Goshawk” this summer. Their poster explored how this season’s extremely wet spring caused a major decrease in goshawk nesting this year.

a student stands next to her poster which reads "Cumulative precipitation in April, heavy precipitation in spring, and minimum May temperature impact Northern Goshawk breeding"
IBO REU student, Allyson, presents a poster on breeding Northern Goshawks at the 2019 RRF conference

IBO research biologist and statistician, Rob Miller, also presented results from the Project WAfLS Short-eared Owl survey program. He shared his work on the use of multi-scale occupancy modelling and maximum entropy modelling to identify population status, habitat and climate associations. Using data collected by citizen scientists to learn what habitats Short-eared Owls need will hopefully lead to better conservation actions for this species going forward!

a screens hot of a powerpoint presentation title slide with the Project WAfLS logo and title "Short-eared Owl population dynamics in the western united states"
Rob Miller presented 2019 results from Project WAfLS surveys