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Project WAfLS

The Western Asio flammeus Landscape Study (WAfLS) is a citizen-science project designed to gather information to better evaluate the population status of the Short-eared Owl in the western United States.

Short-eared Owl on a fencepost
Short-eared Owl by Becky Lyle

Evidence suggests that Short-eared Owl populations are experiencing long-term, range-wide, substantial declines in North America, and the National Audubon Society Climate Program has classified the species as “Climate-Endangered”.

Project WAfLS engages enthusiastic citizen-scientist volunteers across the West to gather critical survey data

Project WAfLS is an eight-state program, designed and led by IBO research staff to assess the population status, trends, and threats against the Short-eared Owl, an enigmatic, open-country species.

Short-eared Owl by Frozen Feather Images
This Short-eared Owl was spotted by volunteers during an Idaho survey. Photo by Frozen Feather Images

Visit the project website for more information

Project WAfLS engages enthusiastic citizen-scientist volunteers across the west to gather critical survey data, enabling a rigorous assessment of the status of this species. Our results have and will continue to directly influence high-value conservation actions by state and federal agencies, and our volunteers are rewarded with training and experience in critical observation, the scientific method, and data collection, regularly reporting unique and exciting observations.

The official Website for the program is hosted on the Avian Knowledge Network Northwest site. It contains detailed information on the purpose and process of the program, and includes information on how to contribute.

Short-eared Owl photo by KS Lopez

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