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Class Series: What they don’t teach you in Ornithology

This series will dive in to Ornithology in a way you’ve not seen before! Take a tour through extreme examples of odd and amazing birds across the globe, and what makes them so unique. We’ll cover topics from bird physiology and the 5 (or more?) senses, to mating displays, nests, eggs, and more! This series is presented in an accessible way, so there’s no need to be a bird expert to attend. Bring your enthusiasm for birds, sit back, and enjoy this series that Heidi considers to be her favorite class she’s ever taught!


Four sessions (approx. 70 minutes plus Q and A time), offered each Wednesday evening in February. Choose one, or attend all 4 at a discounted rate.

  • Week 1What does it take to be a bird? Bird Sensory Systems
  • Week 2What does it take to be a bird? Bird Bodies and Physiology
  • Week 3The Circle of Life: Mates and Parasites!
  • Week 4The Circle of Life: Nests, Eggs, and Chicks

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Hoatzin photographed in the wild

This series was first offered as a university-level course through the Boise State OSHER Institute. We recommend this course for adults, and students ages 13 and up.

Past attendee reviews:

“I learned so much and I have been a birder for over 50 years!” 

“Fantastic & fascinating class.” 

“This was a very interesting and well presented course. I would take it again!”

“She had the rapt attention of the whole room for both sessions”


Proceeds from this course go directly toward supporting IBO’s Education and Outreach work, including school field trips to our Boise River site.

$30 per student per week. Or $90 for all four classes.