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Curlews in the Classroom

We bring the excitement of migration to the classroom using satellite tracking technology and a charismatic bird species, the Long-billed Curlew! Learn more about our curlew research.

four curlews fly in a row, with blue sky and grassy fields in the background
  • Our scientists will visit your classroom to talk about Long-billed Curlews with a presentation that is adapted based on grade level.
  • Participating schools will track the migration and movements of Long-billed Curlews online.
  • Every bird we put a transmitter on needs a name! Your class can help by holding a curlew naming contest.
  • We will send teachers lesson plan ideas or discussion topics for their class to help incorporate Curlews and bird migration into their existing curriculum.
  • Data access: Depending on grade level, students can graph curlew information such as migration distance, territory size, and migration dates, or plot transmitter locations using google earth.

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Contact us to have us visit your classroom! We visit classes between November and February each year.

We’d like to reach as many classrooms as possible, but our funding for this project varies year to year. In years with reduced funding we focus our efforts on High School and Middle School aged students primarily.

To find out more about scheduling your class, contact