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a profile photo for ace the curlewAlpha Flag Code:


Capture date:

May 31, 2017




National Elk Refuge in Jackson, WY


Ace’s name was chosen by our partners at the Bureau of Land Management because she is a smart and protective mother!

a biologist holds Ace the curlew
IBO Biologist Madie Voshell holds Ace on the National Elk Refuge. Photo by Ben West

Many times curlews can lead technicians on wild “curlew” chase. One minute they look like they will lead you straight to a nest, the next minute, they take flight over the mountains! This female took her sweet time (over 2 hours!!) before finally sitting on her eggs.  With a lot patience, determination and a little bit of luck, this beautiful girl was safely trapped, transmittered and released back into the wild.

a long billed curlew takes flight with the snowy grand teton mountains in the background
HA returns to her nest on the scenic National Elk Refuge wearing her shiny new transmitter. Photo by Madeline Voshell


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