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Deceased: Eaten by a predator, July 2013
Alpha Flag Code: AM
Capture date: 5-9-13
Sex: Female
Location: The Long-billed Curlew Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) between Middleton and Emmett Idaho.

Namesake: Ada County, Idaho, near her summer home on the ACEC. Ada’s name was chosen by IBO’s Facebook fans.

IBO Biologist Jessica Pollock holds Ada before she is released. Photo by Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman

Ada was the 3rd Curlew captured for our study. She and her mate, Emmett, successfully hatched 4 chicks on June 5th, 2013! Ada became famous when a crew from the Idaho Statesman came out to watch her receive a transmitter! Read the Idaho Statesman story about Ada. Ada was killed and eaten while on her wintering grounds in California, most likely by a Prairie Falcon. Read the story about Ada’s loss.