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Malfunctioning transmitter: last transmitted on June 2, 2014

Alpha Flag Code:


Capture date:





MPG Ranch near Florence, MT

a biologist holds byron the curlew
Hannah from Intermountain West Joint Venture holds Byron just before releasing him.


Byron is named in memory of Byron Weber. Bitterroot Audubon has a memorial scholarship in memory of this teacher, naturalist, leader and conservationist. Contribute to the scholarship/education fund here. “Byron is remembered for his passion for living things. This passion fueled his entire life. He made learning about our natural environment accessible and meaningful. Encouraging all ages to explore, respect and preserve the splendid natural world around us was how Byron lived and worked.”

Byron is mated to Florence, one of the female curlews we transmittered at MPG ranch. They successfully hatched chicks in May 2014! He also holds the record for the shortest bill of any Montana curlew we’ve caught! (less than 10 centimeters)

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