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Deceased: Unknown cause, September 2013

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The Long-billed Curlew Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) between Middleton and Emmett Idaho.


Curley’s transmitter was graciously funded by the McDanel Land Foundation. Because of this, the donor got the opportunity to name her. She is named after a family member who is a bird-lover and who’s nickname is, coincidentally, “Curley”! Also, because these donors are excited about the Curlew Classroom project, and they think Curley is a name that a second grader would choose. They hope it reminds the children of the name of the bird.

Curley is the 2nd Curlew tagged for this study. We admired her for her spunky attitude, because while we were tagging her she was the only bird that actually tried to bite Fletcher! She hatched a nest with her mate, ‘Carl’, but unfortunately after Carl was shot the chicks did not survive. Curley was a fighter though, and was able to survive and move to a safer location on the ACEC after losing her mate and chicks.

Curley died in late September on her wintering grounds in California from unknown causes.

Curley defending her chicks on the day they hatched.
Curley defending her chicks on the day they hatched. Photo by Liz Urban
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