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Deceased: Shot illegally in 2016

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The Long-billed Curlew Area of Critical Environmental Concern(ACEC) between Middleton and Emmett Idaho.


The town of Emmett, Idaho, near his summer home on the ACEC. Emmett’s name was chosen by IBO’s Facebook fans.

Emmett was the 5th Curlew captured for our study, and was tracked for the longest amount of time. We followed him for over 6 migrations.

He and his mate, Ada had 4 chicks hatch on June 5th, 2013. Emmett was tagged as a replacement after ‘Carl’ died and we were able to recover the transmitter. After migrating to California, Emmett returned to the ACEC in 2014 but did not breed. Emmett spent the winter of 14-15 in California once again, and was the first of our transmittered birds to return to the ACEC in 2015.

He spent the summer of 2016 on a territory next to his neighbors Frank and Bethine. Although he did not have a mate or chicks of his own that summer, we frequently observed him mobbing predators and teaming up with a nearby pair to protect their chicks. He was likely shot while dive-bombing a person who was too close to the other curlew family.

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