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Retired: Transmitter removed June 3, 2017!

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The Nature Conservancy’s Flat Ranch Preserve near Island Park, ID


After a public vote on The Nature Conservancy’s website, she was named Henrietta after Henry’s Lake, which is near her home on the Flat Ranch.

We placed a transmitter on her mate, Henry, in 2015, and her mate JA, aka “King Henry II” in 2016.

Along with being our first curlew tracked from anywhere in Eastern Idaho, Henrietta’s other claim to fame was as a movie star! In 2016 the Wide Eye Productions crew were filming Idaho The Movie II and visited Flat Ranch to learn about Henrietta and curlew conservation!

We got to say hello to this special curlew again on the morning of June 3, 2017. Henrietta had been wearing her transmitter for three years and gave us lots of great data.

It was a bittersweet reunion to trap her once more to remove her transmitter. These transmitters have a life of about three years, then need to be refurbished.  Henrietta’s transmitter was refurbished with a new battery, re-sealed, then shipped back to redeploy on a new lucky curlew!

Thank you for being an amazing ambassador for your species, Henrietta, enjoy your retirement :)

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