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a profile picture for hope the curlewAlpha Flag Code:


Capture date:

May 27, 2017




Polecat, WY


Hope was chosen as the winning name in a student-led naming contest! Maggie Wilson’s class at Adams Elementary chose her name because they have hope for the future conservation of Long-billed Curlews!

Jay looks down and decides he really needs to do laundry after Hope left him a nice parting gift on his shoes and pants! Curlews hold in their poop for most of the day while on the nest. Sometimes while we’re tagging them they decide to not hold it any more!

Jay gets pooped on!

This female curlew was quite rambunctious while banding, and the Curlew Crew biologists figured that she would take off in a flash and fly right back to the nest when they were done, but surprisingly, she did not! Each time they checked, she was strolling around while the male was incubating the eggs. Just a little later that season, we checkedĀ  her transmitter locations on the map and found that her migration route took her right down to Guadalajara, Mexico- the farthest south of any curlews we have tracked!!

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