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a biologists holds a curlew with green fields and cloudy skies in the background

Aluminum Band: 58

Capture date: June 1, 2017
Sex: Male
Location: Horse Creek, WY

Namesake: One of our Curlew Checking volunteers, Denise Hughes, named him Jasper after the beautiful natural element in the intermountain west!
Unlike most curlews, he doesn’t have a green leg flag because his leg was too skinny to fit the size flags we had! His 9-digit band number ends in the numbers “58”.

Female curlews typically lay a clutch of 3-4 eggs, but this Wyoming male’s over-achieving mate laid 5!

a freshly hatched curlew chick in a 5 egg nest
Jasper’s chicks. Photo by Madeline Voshell

Incubation duty is shared by both parents- the females will incubate all throughout the day, and the males will sit with them all night. These eggs will be on the ground for 28-30 days, so they need round-the-clock-protection! Freshly-hatched chick number 1 waits for its four other siblings to hatch. Look closely for chick number 2’s bill sticking from the egg!

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