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Deceased: depredation, spring 2019

Alpha Flag Code: KV
Capture date: 5-10-18
Sex: Male
Location: The Nature Conservancy’s Flat Ranch Preserve near Island Park, ID
Namesake: Middleton Middle School students chose Kevin’s name. Along with matching his leg flag initials, they looked up the name’s meaning and found that Kevin means gentle and handsome. The students said: “Kevin can be mean when needed, to protect his nest. Kevin can also be kind to others when not under attack.”

Kevin’s transmitter went down during spring migration in 2019. For many of our curlews that die of natural causes, we find that many are caught by predators during migration: their toughest time of year! Kevin’s body was found and his transmitter was recovered in Southern Nevada. It will be refurbished and re-used to study more curlews in the future.