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Lady the curlew's profile photo

Retired: Spring 2019

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Polecat Bench near Cody, Wyoming


“Lady” or “Lady Susan” is named for Susan Ahalt (aka the Bird Lady) owner of Iron Side Bird Rescue in Cody, WY. She started 28 years ago rescuing a baby starling in her chimney. She has primarily rehabilitated birds in the the Bighorn Basin WY, Powder River Basin WY, and Southern MT.

After a number of years of great migration data, we were able to thank Lady for her contribution to science by capturing her and removing her transmitter in 2019. After refurbishing it and adding a new battery we will be able to use Lady’s transmitter to study more curlews in the future!

a long billed curlew walking through a grassy field
Lady, photographed during the nesting season in 2019 just before we removed her transmitter. Photo by Eugenia Senties Aguilar