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Long Shot

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May, 29, 2017





Saratoga, WY


Research biologist Stephanie Coates, the Boise State graduate student that studied Long-billed Curlews for her Master’s Thesis, spotted this female on her nest through a spotting scope at 1200 meters away- that is over ½ a mile! It truly was a Long Shot! This created quite a challenge for those who needed to carry the mist net out to try to trap this curlew. With precision coordination assistance from ranchers/landowners, the team was successful in guiding biologists through patches of standing water from flood irrigation and plenty of mosquitos (all with aching arms) right to the nest. WAY TO GO TEAM!!

a grandfather and grandson hold a long billed curlew as they release her into the wild
George Williamson and his grandson release HP back to her nest. Photo by Jay Carlisle
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