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Mrs. Robinson

Mrs Robinson the curlew

Alpha Flag Code:


Capture date:

May 8, 2017




Near MPG Ranch, Florence, MT


While banding her and observing her nest, neighboring landowner Susan Nelson worked with the team to give her the nickname “Mrs. Robinson” after the property owners (and maybe the Simon and Garfunkel song!).

Local landowner and Curlew Neighbor, Susan Nelson, had the chance to come with us when we tagged Mrs. R., one of the birds that calls this beautiful valley home. She helped release Mrs. Robinson back to her nest.

a woman holds a long billed curlew and leans down to release it
Susan Nelson releases Mrs. Robinson the curlew

We strive to bring curlew education and outreach to local communities whenever possible. Whether it is through our K-12 Curlews In the Classroom programming, inviting landowners with nesting curlews on their property to watch biologists in action, or a visit to our research banding stations, we are extremely passionate about providing hands-on experiences that connect people with nature on a deeper level.

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