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Retired: Transmitter removed 

Alpha Flag Code:


Capture date:

May 3, 2017




20 Mile South Farm, Boise, ID


After Phoenix headed south, his transmitter had been malfunctioning all winter. We actually feared that he was dead! But one morning in 2018 the team spotted a male curlew wearing a transmitter. After a moment of confusion (since no males on our tracking map should be on the 20 mile south farm) we were able to read the letters on his leg flag: it was KH! After his seemingly miraculous return, we decided to name him Phoenix after a suggestion of a Curlew Crew Facebook fan.

Phoenix is a handsome male that we trapped “down on the farm”- the 20 Mile South Farm to be exact!  The City of Boise owns and operates this 4225-acre farm approximately 20 miles south of Boise. We started studying in this agricultural habitat in 2017 and it is providing a deeper understanding of nesting requirements of the Long-billed Curlew. We now know that they will nest in a variety of crops such as corn and wheat.

Here is a photo of Jay visiting Phoenix’s nest to check their eggs. Curlews rely so much on camouflage that they sometimes choose not to leave while we check their nest! (Photo by Stephanie Coates)

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