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the profile picture for Vaquita the curlewAlpha Flag Code:


Capture date:

June 2, 2017




New Fork, Wyoming


Vaquita is named after the highly endangered Vaquita porpoise! Our friends at Wild Lens Inc have made a new film about the plight of this imperiled marine species.

When handling a Long-billed curlew like this female, we work hard to make sure they feel comfortable. This means making sure they are calm while in our care and of course after release.  Some of the techniques we use to ensure the safe handling of the birds includes a soft sock and a tent. YUP! We oftentimes place a soft hood over their head to keep them calm during processing.

Like a horse with ‘blinders’, Vaquita wears a hood to keep her calm while she gets her transmitter

Here, you can see Jay carefully walking with our “hooded” girl heading towards a tent where he will release her inside for a “walk-test” with her transmitter on. When she sat down, we knew she didn’t like the fit of her new backpack and the transmitter needed to be readjusted. When we put her back in the tent for another walk-test after refitting the transmitter, she ran around like crazy, so she got the “green-light” for release!