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Curriculum Resources

Lesson Plans and Activities

We work with educators to link field trip experiences back to lessons in the classroom. Use these four lesson plans developed by Kelsey White on your own, or paired with a field trip to our Boise River Research Station at the Diane Moore Nature Center.

We also provide data or information to supplement your favorite existing lesson plans (why reinvent the wheel?). Contact to work on your tailored lesson plan idea. Subjects covered can include: Biology, Creative Writing, Geography, Math, or Art.

Understanding Soundscapes

Download Soundscape PDF

The Nature of Math

Download Fibonacci Lesson PDF

Bird Song Sound Mapping

Download Sound Mapping PDF

Bird Point Counts

Point Count Lesson PDF

Field Trips

We offer field trips for K-12 and University students at three of our research stations. Students will meet our researchers and watch science-in-action while learning about our songbird, raptor, and hummingbird projects.

Our Boise River Research Station at the Diane Moore Nature Center offers year-round habitat restoration, river ecology, and custom-tailored outdoor field trips, in addition to autumn bird banding activities.

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Credits through Boise State

Professional Development

Our springtime Professional Development course, “Curlews OUTSIDE the Classroom”, invites educators to join IBO biologists in the field to gain first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a curlew on public lands. Educators will learn more about 1) Long-billed Curlew life history, 2) the current threats facing the population and 3) what studies are being conducted to learn more about this decline. Credits available through Boise State University. Contact to get notified about upcoming class sessions.

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M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Partners in Science

We work with teachers to apply for funding through the M.J. Murdock Partners in Science program. This covers a stipend and materials for immersive summer research.

Over the years we’ve been delighted to partner with a number of teachers on research projects. We have a variety of projects available, from songbirds, to hummingbirds, to insects and plants.

Contact us about putting together an application:

Individual and Group plans available

Class Projects

We work with teachers to create tailored learning experiences for full classes or individual students. Contact us with your ideas or check out our existing programs here. Subjects covered can include: Biology, Creative Writing, Geography, Math, or Art.

University Projects

Undergrad Resources

K-12 Projects

K-12 resources