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Functional Map

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Accountability and Reporting “Official Data”

  • Federal reporting (IPEDS, NSF-NIH, etc.)
  • State reporting (scheduled and ad hoc) and data requests
  • External reporting (Common Data Set, U.S. News, etc.)
  • National and State initiatives
  • Other related compliance reporting
  • Ad hoc requests

Institutional Assessment, Survey Administration and Support

  • Institutional-level surveys and analysis—students, faculty, staff, alumni
  • Department/program-level needs (assessment, accreditation, or program review)
  • Program learning outcomes assessment reporting and support
  • Survey development, consultation, and support
  • Survey coordination

Institutional Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement

  • Department Analytics Report and other standard department/program metrics (e.g., Bronco Budget)
  • University KPI reporting, performance reports, strategic planning, and accreditation data reports
    Scheduled analyses (e.g., Fate/Source, bottlenecks, Pathways to Graduation)
  • Workload and instruction analyses
  • Delaware Cost Study
  • Ad hoc policy analyses
  • University peer comparisons and benchmarking

Information Management and Leadership

  • Data governance and quality
  • Data Cookbook
  • Faculty Activity Reporting and Evaluations (Faculty 180)
  • Course evaluation process and system management
  • Data team coordination for SLDS (SBOE) data uploads
  • Data and analytical consultation
  • Innovative data visualizations and dashboards

Applied Research and Analysis

  • Student success research (e.g., retention modeling, graduation modeling, at-risk predictions)
  • Enrollment management research
  • Institutional studies
  • Faculty research consultation
  • Grants proposal support

Methodologies: Coding and data management; data visualizations; external databases; descriptive and multivariate statistics; qualitative and content analyses.


Professional service and scholarship
Staff training and development
Ongoing planning and evaluation in IE
University Service

Updated September 2018