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About IMI

The Idaho Media Initiative (IMI) engages our communities in democratic participation through outreach and education that promotes and supports media literacy and public interest journalism.

Founded in 2013 by a committee of concerned journalists and educators in partnership with Boise State University’s College of Social Science and Public Affairs, the IMI worked to explore ways to address media funding and resource shortfalls and the proliferation of misinformation in the digital age. Today, the IMI promotes education and professional development to inspire the production and demand for quality, public interest news and media though:

  • Media literacy education. The IMI serves as an education center and curriculum resource by teaching media literacy to students, educators¬†and the community through campus courses, public events and symposia that promote critical media consumption and civic engagement.
  • Student training. The IMI incubates learning laboratory experiences on the Boise State University campus and in the Boise community by embracing the journalism “teaching hospital” model to provide journalism and communication students with real-world education and experiences.
  • Research and scholarship in media education. The IMI develops innovative methods for conducting and distributing media literacy education and explores ways to promote citizen engagement. We share our experiences and understandings through research and scholarship that examines the role of civic engagement in the public understanding of media and democracy.