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Lost and Found

The University endeavors to ensure the proper handling and claiming of Lost and Found Property by establishing standardized Lost and Found Property procedures for departments and units, collection sites, and Central Lost and Found. For more information reference University Policy 12160 – Lost and Found Property.

Lost and Found Property Collection

Any found or unclaimed personal item(s) located on the main campus can be dropped off at any of the following collection sites:

  • Student Union Information Desk
  • Public Safety Office
  • Recreation Center Front Desk
  • Library Front Desk
  • Interactive Learning Center Zone
  • University Housing Main Office-Chaffee Hall
  • Extra Mile Arena Offices
  • Morrison Center Offices
  • Career Services
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Alumni and Friends Center
  • Athletic Ticket Office

Lost and Found Property will be retained by the collection site for a short period of time before it is transferred to Central Lost and Found at the Information Desk.

Lost and Found Property Claims

An individual making a request for Lost and Found Property must present identification, such as a driver’s license or student ID, and provide a description of the item before the item will be returned.

Lost and Found Property Disposition

If the Lost and Found Property remains unclaimed after the expiration of the hold time by Central Lost and Found, the item will become University property and will be dispositioned as outlined below.

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Property TypeHold Time by Central Lost and FoundDisposition Method
Backpacks*30 daysContents Processed Individually
Gym Bags*30 daysDonate
Luggage*30 daysDonate
Bank Cards**1 weekSecurely Destroyed
Cash**90 daysSubmitted to University Financials
Government Issued ID**1 weekForward Custody to Public Safety
Alternative ID**1 weekSecurely Destroyed
Bronco Cards**SemesterForward to Bronco Card Office
Boise State Alternative ID**30 daysForward to Sponsoring Department
Keys - General30 daysSecurely Destroyed
Keys - w/Housing 30 daysFull Key Set - Forward to Housing
Key Keys - w/FO&M Key30 daysFull Key Set - Forward to FO&M
Small Electronics 30 daysDonate
USB/Memory Stick 30 daysSecurely Destroyed
Head Phones 30 daysDonate
Instrument30 daysDonate
Equipment30 daysDonate
Books - General/Text30 daysDonate
Books - Library Checkout30 daysForward to Library
Books - BroncoShop Rental30 daysForward to BroncoShop
Notebooks/BindersN/AImmediate Disposal
Perishable ItemsN/AWill Not Accept – Immediate Disposal
Perishable Item ContainersN/AWill Not Accept – Immediate Disposal
Lunch BagN/AWill Not Accept – Immediate Disposal
Coffee MugN/AWill Not Accept – Immediate Disposal
Water BottleN/AWill Not Accept – Immediate Disposal
Personal/Hygiene ProductsN/AWill Not Accept
Medical ProductsN/AWill Not Accept
Clothing (Non-Soiled)30 daysDonate
Clothing (Soiled/Damaged) N/AImmediate Disposal
Clothing Accessories30 daysDonate
Shoes30 daysDonate
Jewelry30 daysDonate
Glasses30 daysDonate
BikesN/ARefer to Cycle Center
Longboards30 daysDonate
Skateboards 30 daysDonate
Scooters30 daysDonate
Recreational Equipment30 daysDonate
AnimalsN/ARefer to Animal Control
WeaponsN/ARefer to Public Safety
Miscellaneous Items30 daysDonate
Negligible ItemsN/AImmediate Disposal
Discretionary ItemsⁱN/AImmediate Disposal