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Policy NumberPolicy NameSection
1000Policy Development AuthorityGovernance/Legal
1020University Records, Archives, and PublicationsGovernance/Legal
1030Litigation HoldGovernance/Legal
1040Public Records RequestsGovernance/Legal
1050Alcohol Beverage PermittingGovernance/Legal
1055Alcoholic BeveragesGovernance/Legal
1060Non-discrimination and Anti-harassmentGovernance/Legal
1065Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and StalkingGovernance/Legal
1070Equal Opportunity Statement, Veterans' Preference, and Affirmative ActionGovernance/Legal
1075Non-discrimination on the Basis of DisabilityGovernance/Legal
1080Boise State Public Radio PolicyGovernance/Legal
1090Intellectual PropertyGovernance/Legal
1100Use of University SpaceGovernance/Legal
1110Conflict of Interest and CommitmentGovernance/Legal
1120Public Charter School AuthorizationGovernance/Legal
1130Use of Copyrighted WorksGovernance/Legal
1140Recording Learning ActivitiesGovernance/Legal
1150HIPAA Hybrid Entity DesignationGovernance/Legal
2020Student Code of ConductStudent Affairs
2060Student Athletes ConductStudent Affairs
2080Equal Access to Students with DisabilitiesStudent Affairs
2110University Housing EligibilityStudent Affairs
2120Co-Curricular Programs and ServicesStudent Affairs
2250Student Privacy and Release of InformationStudent Affairs
2270Death of a Student or EmployeeStudent Affairs
2280Student E-mail CommunicationsStudent Affairs
3000Academic Probation and DismissalAcademic Affairs - Student
3010Student Enrollment and Class Schedule ChangesAcademic Affairs - Student
3020Declaration of MajorAcademic Affairs - Student
3030Additional Baccalaureate Degree or Double MajorAcademic Affairs - Student
3040Credit for Prior LearningAcademic Affairs - Student
3050Independent Study/Directed ResearchAcademic Affairs - Student
3060Practicum/InternshipAcademic Affairs - Student
3070Requests for Academic Adjustments of Undergraduate RequirementsAcademic Affairs - Student
3080Last Week of Classes and Final Examinations for Undergraduate CoursesAcademic Affairs - Student
3090Requesting Reinstatement to a Graduate ProgramAcademic Affairs - Student
3110Student Complete Withdrawal From The UniversityAcademic Affairs - Student
3120University-Recognized Student AbsencesAcademic Affairs - Student
3130Grade Appeal PolicyAcademic Affairs - Student
3140Academic GrievanceAcademic Affairs - Student
3150Tuition And Student FeesAcademic Affairs - Student
3160Grade ExclusionAcademic Affairs - Student
3170Limit on the Number of WithdrawalsAcademic Affairs - Student
3180Changes in Final GradesAcademic Affairs - Student
3190Course Repetition - GPA RelationshipAcademic Affairs - Student
3200Registration and Transcript HoldsAcademic Affairs - Student
3210Credits to be Taken at Boise State UniversityAcademic Affairs - Student
3220Senior Citizen FeesAcademic Affairs - Student
3230Calculation of GPAAcademic Affairs - Student
3240Maintaining Effective Learning EnvironmentsAcademic Affairs - Student
4000Faculty Submission Of GradesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4010Academic Advising ResponsibilitiesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4020Academic Advising Administrative ResponsibilitiesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4030Assessment of AdvisingAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4040Request To Initiate New Or Expanded Instructional ProgramsAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4050Minor Curriculum Change ProceduresAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4060Special Topics Course ProposalsAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4070Workshop and Conference Credit AllocationAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4080Credit HoursAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4090University Course Numbering RevisionAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4100Department/Program ReviewAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4110Awarding Posthumous DegreesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4120Honorary Doctoral DegreesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4130Commencement CeremonyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4140Responsibilities For Curricular Changes And Class SchedulingAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4150Annual Revision Of University CatalogAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4160Development Of Schedule Of ClassesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4170Class Schedule Change ProcedureAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4180Faculty Responsibility to Address Student Academic MisconductAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4185Administrative Withdrawals
Academic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4190Faculty Initiated WithdrawalAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4200Approval Of Special Course Or Program FeesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4210(Suspended) Employment Of Tenured & Tenure-Track Faculty
Academic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4215Part-Time Tenure-Eligible FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4220Adjunct FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4230Faculty Employment – Summer SessionsAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4240Faculty Dual-Career ProgramAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4250Lecturer FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4260Affiliate Faculty Responsibilities and PrivilegesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4280Emeritus FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4290Annual Faculty Performance EvaluationAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4300Student Evaluation Of FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4310Faculty Promotion And Tenure Committee Duties And CompositionAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4320Faculty Peer ReviewAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4340Faculty Tenure and Promotion GuidelinesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4380Periodic Review Of Tenured FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4390Faculty ExchangeAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4400Faculty Sabbatical LeaveAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4410Annual Leave – FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4420Absence From Campus – FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4430Faculty Salary DeterminationAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4440Professional Research, Consulting, Or Service ActivitiesAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4460Nonreturnees – FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4470Faculty Voluntary Phased Retirement ProgramAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4480Faculty Grievance ProcedureAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4490Clinical FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4500Search For And Selection Of Department Chairs, Division Managers Or Unit HeadsAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4520Annual Evaluation Of DeansAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4530Department Chair EvaluationAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4540Financial Exigency Policy And Staff Reduction Procedures – FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4550Reduction-In-Force Appeal Procedure Tenured/Nontenured FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4560Workload For Tenured And Tenure-Track FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4570Joint Appointment of a Faculty MemberAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4680Financial Challenge Policy – FacultyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4690Student Survey of Faculty Instruction Comment Redaction PolicyAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4700Faculty Workload Release PlanAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
4710Graduate Faculty AppointmentsAcademic Affairs - Faculty and Administration
5000Centers and InstitutesResearch
5010Research Faculty Policies and ProceduresResearch
5020Principal Investigator EligibilityResearch
5030Office of Sponsored ProgramsResearch
5040Faculty Research Advisory CommitteeResearch
5050Use of Human Subjects Research
5060Misconduct in ResearchResearch
5070Animal Care and UseResearch
5090Sponsored Programs Cost TransferResearch
5100Sponsored Projects & Charitable GiftsResearch
5110Recharge CentersResearch
6000Fiscal MisconductFinance
6010Cash HandlingFinance
6020Change Funds and Petty Cash FundsFinance
6030University ContractsFinance
6040Transfer of Boise State Funds to Boise State University FoundationFinance
6050Investment PolicyFinance
6060Student IndebtednessFinance
6070Authorized Signatures on Expenditure Documents Pertaining to State, Federal, and Private GrantsFinance
6080Facilities and Administration (F&A) Cost Rates and Waiver or Partial Waiver of F&A CostsFinance
6090Disposition of Balances of Unrestricted or Fixed-fee Grants and ContractsFinance
6100Allocation and Distribution of Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs
6110Cost SharingFinance
6150Independent ContractorsFinance
6170E-Commerce and Online TransactionsFinance
6190Membership in OrganizationsFinance
6200Bank AccountsFinance
6220Administrative Service ChargeFinance
6230Gifts and AwardsFinance
6240Meals and Refreshments
6270Control of University Equipment and MaterialsFinance
6290Accountable PlanFinance
6300Compliance with Tax-Exempt & Build America BondsFinance
6310Acquisition of Real Estate and Leasing ActivitiesFinance
6320Fees for Nontraditional Academic ProgramsFinance
6330Budget Deficit Resolution Finance
6340Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) PolicyFinance
6350Base Budgeting for Regular PositionsFinance
6360Non-Compensatory Payments to Students and InternsFinance
6370Chargeback PolicyFinance
6380Proper Funds ManagementFinance
7000Position Definitions Human Resources
7005Background VerificationsHuman Resources
7010Consensual Relationships Human Resources
7015Faculty / Staff & Student Consensual Relationships PolicyHuman Resources
7020Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace PolicyHuman Resources
7025Rehire Eligibility Human Resources
7030Reporting Waste and Violations of Law, Regulation, or University PolicyHuman Resources
7035Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges Human Resources
7045Tuition and Fees Waiver BenefitHuman Resources
Human Resources
7060Employee Records Human Resources
7070Employee Political Activities Human Resources
7140MovingHuman Resources
7160Retirement of Faculty and StaffHuman Resources
7170Graduate Assistantships
Human Resources
7195Supplemental Pay Human Resources
7220Donated Leave Human Resources
7230Family and Medical LeaveHuman Resources
7260Sick Leave – FacultyHuman Resources
7270Rank For Administrative Personnel And Associated ResponsibilitiesHuman Resources
7280(Suspended) Professional Staff Employees - Definition and Employment ContractsHuman Resources
7300Professional Employee Performance Evaluation Human Resources
7310(Suspended) Non-Classified Employees Due Process and Appeal ProceduresHuman Resources
7400Classified Employees Performance Evaluations Human Resources
7420Classified Employees Layoff and Reemployment PreferenceHuman Resources
7430Classified Employees Disciplinary Action Human Resources
7450Classified Employees Due Process and Appeal ProceduresHuman Resources
7470Emeritus Classified and Professional EmployeesHuman Resources
7480Emeritus Classified and Professional EmployeesHuman Resources
7500Financial Challenge Policy – Professional StaffHuman Resources
7510Employee Drug and Alcohol Screening Human Resources
7520Self-Disclosure of Criminal Proceedings Human Resources
7530Employee Files Human Resources
7540Payroll Overpayments and UnderpaymentsHuman Resources
7550Legal Authorization to WorkHuman Resources
7560Problem-Solving ProcedureHuman Resources
7570Accommodating Disabilities in the Work EnvironmentHuman Resources
7580Parental Leave for Graduate AssistantsHuman Resources
7590Institutional Base SalaryHuman Resources
7600Telecommuting - HybridHuman Resources
7605Telecommuting - Remote WorkHuman Resources
7610Paid Parental LeaveHuman Resources
7620Time Away from WorkHuman Resources
7630Recruitment and HiringHuman Resources
7640Promotions, Transfers, Demotions, and Interim AppointmentsHuman Resources
7650CompensationHuman Resources
8000Information Technology Resource UseInformation Technology
8010Network StandardsInformation Technology
8020Server AdministrationInformation Technology
8030Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet PC Computing StandardsInformation Technology
8040University Web Policy
Information Technology
8050Software Patch Management Information Technology
8060Information Privacy and Data Security Information Technology
8070Mobile Communication DevicesInformation Technology
8080Mail Service Information Technology
8090Telephone ServicesInformation Technology
8100Institutional MessagingInformation Technology
8120Identity Theft Prevention Program Information Technology
8130Remote Access Information Technology
8140Information Technology AccessibilityInformation Technology
8150Information Technology GovernanceInformation Technology
8160Data Governance CommitteeInformation Technology
8170Proctoring SolutionsInformation Technology
9010Pedestrians and Bicycles, Skateboards, and other Personal Conveyance VehiclesCampus Operations and Facilities
9020Speed Limit on CampusCampus Operations and Facilities
9030Antenna and Transmission SystemsCampus Operations and Facilities
9040University VehiclesCampus Operations and Facilities
9070Facilities Operations & Maintenance Work Order RequestsCampus Operations and Facilities
9080Access ControlCampus Operations and Facilities
9090Collection Management and Public Display of University ArtCampus Operations and Facilities
9100University SignageCampus Operations and Facilities
9110Smoke and Tobacco-Free PolicyCampus Operations and Facilities
9120Inclement WeatherCampus Operations and Facilities
9130Safety and Loss ControlCampus Operations and Facilities
9140Environmental Health and SafetyCampus Operations and Facilities
9150Building CoordinatorCampus Operations and Facilities
9160Animals on CampusCampus Operations and Facilities
9180University SponsorshipCampus Operations and Facilities
9190Student UnionCampus Operations and Facilities
9200Bronco Shop OperationsCampus Operations and Facilities
9210Employee Safety and Loss Control TrainingCampus Operations and Facilities
9220Emergency Action and Building Evacuation ProceduresCampus Operations and Facilities
9240Laboratory Safety CommitteesCampus Operations and Facilities
9260University Classroom CommitteeCampus Operations and Facilities
9270Communicable DiseaseCampus Operations and Facilities
9280Capital Projects and Space ManagementCampus Operations and Facilities
10000University Brand StandardsCommunications and Marketing
10020Printing and Graphic ServicesCommunications and Marketing
10030Commercial Filming and PhotographyCommunications and Marketing
11000Naming Procedures University Advancement
11010Gift Solicitation and Management University Advancement
11030Endowed Positions University Advancement
11040Alumni Association Chapter RecognitionUniversity Advancement
11050Donor RecordsUniversity Advancement
12000Clery Act ComplianceCampus Security and Safety
12020Exclusion from CampusCampus Security and Safety
12040Workplace ViolenceCampus Security and Safety
12050Behavioral Intervention and Threat AssessmentCampus Security and Safety
12060Protection of MinorsCampus Security and Safety
12070Missing StudentsCampus Security and Safety
12080Possession of Firearms/Weapons on University Owned or Controlled PremisesCampus Security and Safety
12090Timely Warning for Crime PreventionCampus Security and Safety
12110Emergency NotificationCampus Security and Safety
12120Drone OperationsCampus Security and Safety
12130Security and Police Services AuthorityCampus Security and Safety
12140Public Safety Camera SystemsCampus Security and Safety
12150Security Systems and AlarmsCampus Security and Safety
12160Lost and Found PropertyCampus Security and Safety
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